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[Written at top] So glad Tom got peaches at last.

W6920 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Oct 29 1915
To: Calvin McQuesten 'The Manse' Buckingham Quebec
From: 'Whitehern'

My dear Calvin,

I think it is your turn for a letter. With all the birthdays you have been somewhat neglected. I am glad to hear from Hilda, there is such a good prospect of comfort for you in the future. Yesterday we had a call from Holton Whittemore and his friend Jan Normann, who had come up to interview Gen. Logie. So they stayed for dinner and after phoning Mrs. Logie got the General at the club and he received them at head-quarters. They came back much impressed with his soldierly bearing, very stern at first, because he thought they were trying to get ahead of their superior officer in Toronto, but when they explained he was very nice. Holton said Reggie and his bride took tea with them the night before, so I sent off their present. I had got a very pretty plate with an open work silver border and a crown Derby Centre, very pretty we thought.

Tom has been rushing about, was not home all day yesterday as Court is sitting and he has cases; to-day he went off to Toronto; to-night there is a banquet of the Federated Liberal clubs, Howell is to be up, he is to speak to the ladies to-day.

Tom has been getting more tulips has now over a thousand. We have a very fine rose in the house with a very long stem and it has lasted a week.

Holton was telling us of the meanness of P. T. Larkin for whom Frank travels, he now pays his travellers only on what they make, they get nothing if they are sick or on holiday. his son and daughter travelled for a year round the world, they spent $32,000. After this he cut down his girls employed $2.00 a month. Eaton dismissed some of his, altho' his factories are working night and day with government orders.

I am sure Edna would have enjoyed the lovely weather in Buckingham, we have enjoyed it here, but when the cold sets in, she will not find her old home such a poor place. Hilda has evidently stocked you well with good things and I do not see why Miss Robinson should not find it a very comfortable place. Alice does better than ever, takes such an interest. It is coming in cold to-day I am wondering if we shall see the snow before October ends, it has never failed yet. Tell Hilda, I hope her hat turns out well, Edna can wear her hat with pride and feel quite in fashion that sort of trimming is much worn. I have got quite a smart new hat, H. will be pleased to know. Miss Philipps got it up for me. Am going to Toronto, on Tuesday for an Exec. Meeting.

Alice has made us some lovely snow apple jelly flavoured with sweet scented geranium. Have just received H.'s card written on Thursday. Will do nothing about blankets till she comes, the Scotch Wool blankets here are $10.00 Canadian about $8.00.

Heard from Mrs. Hay, she preferred to go to Buckingham later as it was nearer of access than other Auxiliaries. One thing at home will be a pleasure to Edna's eyes and that is our sitting room. Well, I cannot make up anything more to say, except to ask you all to see if a Report of the Montreal Miss. Society is to be seen, I got it from Miss Brodie and now can't find it. Bring home Windsor Mag. April Number. Hope you are taking good care of yourself and saving your strength. With much love to all.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] Remember take the sample sent.
[Enclosure] Two copies of a four-page printed Missionary Society pamphlet by Mrs. Colin Fletcher: "Thanksgiving? This Year?," appealing for generosity at the upcoming Thankoffering meetings for the missionary work in India, Formosa, Korea, South China, Honan, China, Jewish Work, Educational work in West and Quebec, Deaconess Work, Hospital Work, Indian Work in N.W.T. and B.C. Sponsored by the Women's Missionary Society of the Presbyterian Church in Canada (Western Division).

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