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W6959 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Feb 24 1916
To: Calvin McQuesten 'The Manse' Buckingham Quebec
From: 'Whitehern'

My dearest Calvin,

Your letter to-day gave us all great amusement with your stories of Miss Smith's experience with deaf woman. It was really most amusing. When I was a little girl, remember going with my mother for a drive out to David Wilson Temple as it was called. Ethel Maclaren arrived this morning at 10:30 and can only stay till Saturday noon, as she expects to go to Winnipeg April 1st for a month. We are very pleased to have this little visit from her. She and Edna are at Mrs.Thomson's now for 5 o'clock tea, went up to the mountain first. Have asked Douglas Bothwell in this evening.

I also tried to get Mrs. McBain and cannot understand why no word has come from her or Mr. McB. As soon as I knew when Mary Taylor was leaving, which was yesterday and whether Ethel could come, I posted a letter to Mrs. McB. on Saturday inviting her to come, yesterday (Wednesday) morning for a day or two not having her Toronto address, addressed it care of Mr. McB. Buckingham, marked "forward at once" with our phone number. I also wrote Mr. McB. telling him when I had asked Mrs. McB and saying, if she was leaving Toronto perhaps a wire from him would reach her in time. Not one word have we received up to this time. You speak of him coming in on Monday, strange he did not mention if he got the letter as he should have on Monday or during the day in time to repeat it. However did the best I could. Mary Taylor stayed over three weeks and her leaving was uncertain so I could not sooner and did not like to ask Mrs. McB. just to spend the day. If she is in Kingston, strange if he did not send letter there and she could write me. Having Ethel's address was able to write her at once and then she had write [sic] her father for permission. She looks very smart in lovely sealskin coat.

Am very glad indeed Miss S. is getting on so well. Am sure it must be a great change to those other miserable places, the ladies at Buckingham are really so pleasant, that I am sure she would quite enjoy herself; and it is very nice for you to be able to ask some one in when you like. She would be stronger physically than Miss R. if I remember her rightly. Beaverton is a miserable place for poor Miss R. and not much milder in climate I should say. I hope Miss S. does the marketing for you.

Friday. No letter has come from the McB.'s. Could have I have made any mistake about stamps I wonder? It is a new name for Barrabas the Son of Consolation was old fashioned one. I always had a pleasant impression of Barny.

I am sure your sermons will be well worth hearing, I hope the people come out to hear them. Our congregation is very slim and you saw what Sir John Gibson said at Central's Annual Meeting.

Last evening Lizzie Maclaren came for tea, and D. Bothwell in the evening and we had a pleasant evening in the drawing-room. We had a great fall of snow last night and everything looks beautiful this morning.

I think it is so nice for you to have people in and as Miss S. is agreeable I would have them as often as you can.

Edna has just been out with Ethel to take her to Red Cross Rooms and a little walk. This p.m. H. takes her to moving pictures of the Canadian Forces, and she seems to enjoy being with us and we like her very much, she suits E. admirably. Mrs. Irving in Weston is the daughter of Daniel Maclaren in Ottawa, her cousin Katie.

Well, my news is exhausted so I must close, our cold weather only lasts about a day. I can scarcely believe these tales of not feeling the cold so much where thermometer is so low down. However your head and hands are clothed. All join in much love and kind regards to Miss S.

Your loving mother

M.B. McQuesten

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