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W7343 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from John M. Rioch
Sep 14 1902
To: Calvin McQuesten
From: Pine Plains, N.Y.

Dear Cal,

Your letter received some time ago was very gladly received as were the "Heralds" containing the sage remarks of "The Tattler" [Tatler]. I am rather ashamed for having neglected to acknowledge any of them before this but you must forgive me because I have been a very busy individual and besides have married a wife. We have enjoyed the Tattler's remarks very much -- I say we because on both occasions when the papers reached us we retired to the sitting room after supper, as we frequently do, to enjoy what you had to say together. Hope you will feel disposed to send us copies of the Herald frequently. Even though they are not all acknowledged. I feel specially interested in "The Tattler" because of course it gives a fellow an inkling of what is engaging your attention from time to time and Canadian papers are always interesting.

We have a very nice cosy home here in Pine Plains have some very nice neighbours and have become acquainted with most of the interesting people about and are enjoying life in a quiet way in a manner befitting newly married folk.

We have had remarkably good fortune in most ways. The "chookings" have done well, our fruit has brought us in more than we expected and everything we have planted has done well. I have the best piece of corn in the neighbourhood. I find the chickens particularly interesting and expect to raise three or four hundred of them next spring. Marketing early chickens is very profitable here. They sell for about 30 cents a lb. just about twice what they bring up our way.

The country and married life is certainly agreeing with me. I weighed today and tipped the beam at 145 1/2 lbs. which is about 10 lbs. heavier than I used to be when at my very fattest (?). At the rate I have been gaining lately I fear that by the time the winter is over Fanny will be wanting to exhibit me before all the bachelor clubs in the universe by way of illustrating what an amiable and competent housewife can do with lean men or a lean man.

I hope you continue to enjoy your life in Montreal. I should think it would be a very interesting place to live in. Wish we were a little nearer to you so that you might drop in upon us once in a while for a little change from city life. Fred Dalrymple was with us all summer and went home looking round and sleek. You would better come and try it yourself sometime. We would be pleased to see you. My wife sends remembrances to you and you know you have the best of wishes from your old chum

John M. Rioch

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