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W7388 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Winnie M. Gartshore
Jan 9 1903
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal, Quebec
From: 'Willow Bank'

Dear Mr. McQuesten,

It was indeed good of you to remember me at New Year's and I appreciate your kindness very much. I did not know who to thank for the card at first as I thought it would be from one of my fellow editors at school, but Helen recognized your writing. I am afraid that you will think me very rude in not acknowledging it before this, but I am afraid that nearly all my friends have been treated in the same manner.

I suppose that you saw our school magazine at Annie Fletcher's, and hope that you like it. I think that it was very good this time though I am afraid that I did not have much part in making it so. I saw Annie down at the "At Home" at school but did not get a chance to speak to her.

This evening we have been having some very exciting games of Ping Pong. Lesslie came home on New Year's Eve and is very much interested in the game; in fact he could hardly tear himself away to-night even for a game of hockey. Helen and I had three very hard fought sets, but of course she beat me all to smithereens (if you will allow me to use that slang expression). The boys play very well too, and get the set out every night. We quite often go up to the MacKinlays or they come down here to play, and then we have a simply uproarious time, as they have some very good players. Have you ever played "Progressive Ping Pong"? I think that it is even more exciting than the other, especially when it gets down to three players. Is this not a very Ping Pongy letter? I think I had better talk of something else for a change.

Have you had any snow shoeing lately? We are very anxious to have some this winter but have hardly had any since you went away, as that brother of yours is too shy to come up without you. One of the MacKinlays is in Montreal now, so if you should run across him he would be very glad to make your acquaintance.

I am afraid I must stop this rigamarole and go to bed -- wishing you every happiness in the New Year, believe me,

Very sincerely yours

Winnie M. Gartshore

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