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W7391 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Helen Gartshore
Jan 10 1903
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal, Quebec
From: 'Willow Bank'

Dear Cal,

I've been a long time in acknowledging your pretty calendar but I thought I'd take the occasion to write you a somewhat [?] letter, although you really don't deserve it. As you've owed me a letter for a very long time, I'm afraid that calendar was just sent so as to get ahead of me in the letter line. That is very bad of you but I shall expect an extra long, extra nice letter in reply to this one to make up.

I got a very sweet letter from Hilda last week & heard most of the Hamilton news. Do you never expect to visit any of your Toronto friends again? Last night Mr. Terry, Mr. Johnson's friend was here for tea & Ping Pong & we had great fun teasing him. Before any of us had met him at all, Father sent Charles up to his boarding house with a note & he came back with a most amusing account of his interview & said that Mr. Terry kept him there for an hour & half saying "Ye-es", so when Mr. Terry arrived here one night about two weeks ago & Mr. Terry used his favourite mono syllable at intervals of about a minute, we all went into fits of laughter. Last night at tea Father said something about Mr. Terry accompanying Mr. Johnson when he went to call on Miss Copeland & I remarked that he had come in second best so Father said "Oh well, Mr. Terry, there are still two left, so we teased him all evening about Miss Copeland. He helped us clear the table for Ping Pong so I told him when he wanted recommendation to Miss Copeland he might ask us. I think he enjoyed himself though & seemed to like the youngsters climbing over him.

Lesslie came home on New Years Eve. When he first got home he was very much oppressed by the civilization & grandeur? of everything at home & would insist on wearing cowboy hats & leather cuffs & talked of nothing but going back. I think he is [?] on it now though, as his appearance testified, & is looking for something to do down here. I think he misses the society of girls very much out there. He says the girls are very cold & changeable out there & more like men than girls. He has been quite deferential to his sisters since he came home & wants us to go everywhere with him. It's just [?] to have him & he is simply wrapped up in Sydney and he in him.

I have only seen that big brother of yours once since September. He came up one Saturday & Syd. happened to be here. So we three went out for a drive & picked up Will McKinley on the way & had a wild time, so wild, indeed that Barney has been lame ever since. Did you ever meet Archie McKinley? He is down in Montreal now. He has an agency for the dustless brooms. He is such a jolly nice boy & hasn't very many friends down there. Father is going to send him a letter of introduction to Will Leslie. I was hoping Maggie Leslie would invite us down for a visit but she is afraid I'd get measles, mumps or croup I think. You know I had measles the last time I was there.

I expect to go to London next Wednesday with Jess Wilson from Dundas for a two weeks visit with Uncle Will. Aunt Cassie has gone to Madeira for the winter & his daughter Edna was married in September so he is very lonely & we are to go & endeavor to cheer him up. I am in the Mendelsohn choir this winter, so I don't want to miss more practices than necessary & our concerts are on the 11th & 12th of February. I enjoy the work so much.

I haven't done any snow shoeing at all this winter but if the storm that is raging now keeps up much longer I think we shall all have to. Remember me to Mr. Johnson when you see him & to Mr. Trigge if he is still with you, & hoping to hear from you soon, I remain,

Yours truly,

Helen [Gartshore]

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