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W7400 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from G. E. Armstrong
Feb 25 1903
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal, Quebec
From: 43 Dundas St., Toronto

My dear Calvin,

Fred Anderson told me to-day that you were inquiring for my address. I looked up your letter of Dec. 20th (which I kept with the intention of answering some day!) and noticed that you asked me in it for my proper address. I had forgotten to send in to you but I hope you will not think that I was not particular whether or not I received a picture from you because, I assure you, I shall be delighted to have one.

I noted with interest your subscription to the new building for Varsity. Love for our alma mater should always characterize her sons. Things are about the same around Varsity & Knox. The Meds. & Arts men have united in Y.M.C.A. and have elected a Sec'y for eight months next year at a salary of $700. The Senior Meds. of course will vacate the Gerrard St. bldg. and come over to the new Medical bldg. between the Y.M.C.A. and the library. The new Science bldg. on College St. in front of the old Technical school will prob'y be opened next fall.

3 weeks from to-day exams begin at Knox. My how "tempus is fugitin'"! Another year will soon be numbered with the past. M-W-A-Kah1 is quiescent this winter. Many of the braves would like a meeting but the Ookimow (S.J.D-C ) seems too indifferent to call a pow-wow. We may have a meeting without him and decide either to disband or go forward. Surely we are not to allow the club to go out of existence "unwept, unhonoured & unsung". As H.W.B. says "if we are going to die then let us have a funeral."

No doubt you are delighted, as I am also, in the appointment of Jim Waters as Central Ch. miss'y to India. It is the first app'tment of a medical man without theol. training to a place on our F.M. staff and is encouraging to Geo. McPhedran as well as, possibly, to a few others. Too bad, humanly speaking, that Fred A. cannot go this year & perhaps not at all. He will make a strong advocate of the cause here at home, if he is obliged to stay.

Only one out of a graduating class of 30 in Knox to go out this year -- so far as known at present. With all good wishes for your temporal & spiritual welfare. I am

Yours very sincerely,

A. E. Armstrong

1 This refers to the Moodweyaushkah Club that Calvin and his friends had formed. They each took an "Indian" name.

2 At present this site contains four reports of the Moodweyaushkah Club: W7330, W7330a, W7400, W7400a.

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