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W7402 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Helen Gartshore
Mar 27 1903
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal, Quebec
From: 'Willow Bank'

Dear Calvin,

I was so pleased to get your letter & to hear all about your doings in the mighty city. It must be cooly [sic] down there in winter & you certainly must have a lonely time. I got the paper you sent with the account of the hunt. It must have been great fun. Did you have any others? I didn't have any snowshoeing at all this winter & only had on my skates twice. I am getting to be a regular "old stitch at home" but you see I'm getting aged & somehow I don't seem to have had much chance for out-door sports for the last couple of years.

Lesslie bought a new horse for us lately & I drove her for the first time today. She is a beauty but very shy yet. She came from the country somewhere & doesn't like cars, garbage barrels or ash heaps, but she goes like the wind, in fact we leave everything behind us, driving with her. Lesslie is the only one who has driven her much, so far, but today I drove right down to Queen St. with Lesslie sitting beside me. I drove down through the Park & didn't have any trouble with her although she shied a good deal. It is a lovely change to drive her after poor old Barney.

I saw Hilda several times last week when she was down staying at the Whittemores. Isn't it to bad about poor Reggie? Hilda was up here the afternoon but I wasn't able to go in to see her very often as we are pretty busy, painters, carpenters, & dress maker & no maids. Hilda says she expects to be down again, so I hope I shall see her often.

Mr. Terry graces us with his lively company quite often. The other night he brought up his music & regaled us with selections all evening. I think the poor little man likes to come up here, although Charlie imitates him in a most disgraceful but very comical manner. On Tuesday night I went for the first time to the Bible class at Massey Hall. Every seat was taken & there were quite a number of people standing. It seems wonderful how the interest in that has kept up. Father goes every Tuesday & I shall try to go again, though Mother & I can't very well both go, so we have to take turns.

We have a Westminster Guild in connection with our church now. Tonight is the Missionary night & Mr. Murdoch McKenzie from China is to speak.1 Most of the family went, but I have been out today & being so very delicate? was too tired to go out. So am employing my time writing to you.

I'm afraid Lesslie has almost decided to go West again next month. He has been able to get nothing to do down here & as the warm weather comes he longs to be back. I wish he wouldn't go. I'm afraid he'll get rough & hardened like most of them who go out there. He seems far more of a man than he did when he first went out, & is so much more kind & considerate of us all & I think we'll miss him more than ever. If Mother comes home & finds me writing she'll think I am a fraud so I think I had better close. Hoping you are quite well & getting on well with your work, I am ever your friend

Helen [Gartshore]

1 ENCLOSURE, W7405, Enclosed is a five-page brochure about the "Student Volunteer Union of Toronto," a group formed at Knox College, to encourage youth volunteer missionaries. Their slogan is: "The Evangelism of the World in this Generation." One of the pages, (almost illegible)is a Speakers' Bureau with a list of thirty-six speakers and topics from many parts of the world. Another page lists the Executive Committee of the Union, and another is a poster of a public meeting and its programme.

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