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W7424 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from F. W. Anderson
Jul 31 1903
To: Calvin McQuesten Montreal, Quebec
From: 246 Kennedy St, Winnipeg, Manitoba

My dear Calvin,

I find your good letter of 23rd Feb'y, still unanswered and must ask your forgiveness for seeming neglect. I would have answered it soon after I received it and expressed my gratitude for your kindness in waiting as you did, but for weeks I was in such an unsettled condition that I could not speak with any degree of definiteness as to my plans.

Your urgent letter putting forth the claims of MacNab St. congregation weighed very heavily with me, and I must thank you and your mother through you, for your very kind efforts on my behalf. I think I am safe now in saying that if my name had been the first choice of the MacNab St. People, and I had been invited when R. J. Wilson was, I would likely have been in Hamilton now, but before I received Dr. Fletcher's letter saying that I was the second choice, Dr. Duval had written to me expressing the hearty invitation of the people here, and I considered priority of claim, and my medical advisor's opinion, favorable to coming here.

For many ways I would rather have been in Hamilton, but I have no reason at all to think that it should have been otherwise than it is, for I have been very well received here, by both Minister and people, and my health is greatly improved. This is a great climate, and a splendid city. We are at the gateway of the "young man's land," and this is essentially the "young man's city." I was very glad to meet Dr. Fletcher on his way home from the assembly, and to have the privilege of introducing him to the people of Knox Church. He preached for us at one service when Dr. Duval was absent and was very forceful. I am glad, too, to hear good reports of the work of his assistant, Mr. J.D. Cunningham. I don't know what they may do when he is obliged to leave them in the fall. I understood he intends to take advantage of his travelling scholarship and go abroad for a year's postgraduate study.

You may be interested in learning that I am expecting to go east shortly for a little trip, and that I will not return alone. The eventful day has been set for Tuesday, Aug. 25th and the ceremony will be in the Knox church, Kincardine at 10 a.m. I hope to leave for the East on Monday, Aug. 17th, and will have a day in Toronto before going up to Lake Huron, near Kincardine, where my brother's family have a summer cottage. We will probably spend a few days with Dr. McTavish at Muskoka before returning West. I am due here again on Sunday Sept 6th.

Dr. Duval's daughter is to be married on Sept. 7th and leave immediately for Boston, sailing thence for Mission work in Cacsonea, Asia Minor. It was certainly a great pleasure for me to meet your family, Calvin, and to spend a little while in your old home. I thank you for making that possible. Perhaps some time again I may have an opportunity to pay my respects to your Mother and sisters when I have a little time in the Mountain City. With kindest regards to them when you write and best wishes for yourself.

I remain your sincere friend.

F. W. Anderson

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