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Toronto, Ontario

W7485 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Robert G. MacKay
May 25 1904
To: Calvin McQuesten Macleod, Alberta

Dear Mr. McQuesten,

I am sending you your list of correspondence. Last year we had 21 letters apiece to write. 3 to each of 7 places. It was rather irksome and many felt they could make up in quality what was lost in quantity and we are asking this year but two good letters to each point. Mr. Waddell will appreciate a letter. I gave you the task because I know you can write a good one, you can use much the same material as for Dr. McLaren's letter. These letters mean so much to us. Things look blue enough financially at present. We have had to borrow to send the men out. However I am proud of our list of 40 men. We have never had a finer list of men. They know what it means to increase from 33 to 40 & will do the best they can on the fields and all join in bringing our work before the church in the Fall.

We need $4000 from the Church. This will leave a balance, although having so many western fields this year the average cost will be higher. Yet I feel that it is there the work will count for most. Rec'd your financial report and your contribution of $4.00 to the MCSMS you have done well with a small & difficult field and I have no doubt you will do even better during the summer. The winter is always heaviest. The fields give us harder work & less pay. The executive request that the men hand in an itemized statement of their expenses to field. You might send yours (total $10.50) sometimes thro' the summer & I am sure they will do the best they can for you

- over -

Excuse me writing on the back but this is the last of this pad and I am writing in a hurry.

It was a new regulation of last year to ask for the items of expense to the field. I think they used to allow 5, 6 & $7 according to the distance West. This was barely fair as the expense is usually greatest after leaving the train, some have to stage it &c. &c. I hope you have a very pleasant & profitable summer. I hope you do not find the correspondence heavy. It means so much to us. I notify all these about when they may expect letters and give them a hint to acknowledge them.

Sincerely yours

Robt. G. McKay

(P.S.) Have you any of last year's (1903) reports? It would be well to have some when you put out the subscription lists about a month before you leave.

We are 2000 short although have had 10000 printed but I could spare you a few if you have not received any. I'll send you lists later.


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