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W7489 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from B. K. Sandwell
May 27 1904
To: Calvin McQuesten Macleod, Alberta
From: 76 Victoria St., Montreal, Quebec

My dear Cal,

I am too certain of your comprehension & sympathy to fear for a minute that you have ascribed my lengthy silence to any disgruntlement over your last letter. If I were not, I should scarcely venture now to write at all. Need I say that I was exceedingly glad to get it, & to read in it the assurance of a sympathy & good-will that I should be the last person in the world to misconstrue? I do not know whether I shall ever experience that new spiritual orientation that you wish for me; it seems to be in many cases the result of an earthly loneliness that I have not yet suffered (partly because I am extremely self-centred, & partly because I have always managed to find just sufficient affection on this earth to keep me going). I am ashamed to find how little I can realize the loss of a sister whom I have not seen for four years & I have no doubt the thing will really come a great deal nearer when I reach London than it has yet.

Margaret Duncan, who is now home (having arrived the day after her mother broke most of the ligaments in her left hip) brought excellent accounts of your health & progress. I am always intending to call on your worthy family, but, for reasons which you will understand, though I have averaged a Hamilton trip every month I have not yet succeeded in calling upon anybody not resident upon John St. The gang have left the flat May 1, chiefly because they were scared to get rid of Rob any other way. I am now, by the way, engaged in trying to collect his assessment for the last three months of our tenancy. We are now occupying rooms which we furnished ourselves in the abode of an excellent Ontario lady who serves us good breakfasts at 7.30 in our sitting room. "We" are Lewis, the R's & I. Frank is now assistant manager of the local Thiel, & that company pays for the telephone.

Wolff suddenly disappeared from the Herald a month or two ago, & Alex Dewer is now city editor, quite successfully. The bunch of kids constituting the staff is considerably more promising than a while ago, & but for the presence of one Paningham, formerly Ottawa man for the Mail & a bounder, the latter not only formerly but now & forever, the office would be a very nice place indeed. Cox is improving considerably.

I am sorry to say your friend S. W. Jacobs (I might say mine also, for he was very decent to me) is hopelessly discredited by the disclosures in the Cooke case, Mack -- it was a peach. Young Samcan however seems to be doing very brilliantly.

I am studiously avoiding the Legands & the Horne girl, & cross the street whenever I see Trigge. I have it on excellent authority that out of town he habitually introduces Madame Annie as his wife.1 It's a strange world, isn't it?

Mrs. Street inquires after you often. Drop me a line when you can, old man.

Yrs, [sic]

B.K. Sandwell

[P.S.] How on earth the enclosed letter came among my papers I do not know. I recollect putting it out for re-address in Jan; but since then--? I earnestly hope it is unimportant, & you will forgive me for not forwarding it.

1 Apparently, Kenelm Trigge and "Madame Annie" were married. However, in 1902 Trigge proposed to Hilda McQuesten but she refused on the basis of his "intemperance." For more details, see W4635 and W4651.

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