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W7515 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from R. B. Cochrane
Jun 5 1905
To: Calvin McQuesten Toronto, Ontario
From: 24 Howland Ave., Toronto, Ontario

My dear Calvin:

Yours of the 1st to hand Saturday. "Sunday preparation" is my excuse for delay in answering until I have said before to both Jamieson and yourself -- it is a matter of indifference to me how you arrange the field and do the work as long as the field is covered satisfactorily and the work done effectively. I have perfect confidence in the judgement of you both -- so go ahead and convince Dow of anything you like. Of course it seems to me that there is no valid reason why you should not exchange "ends" about every three weeks. It would save "sermons" -- and give a rest all round. Why can you not get up to "Stanley House" every other Sunday night during July and August? The Staney Brae people can quite easily get over to the church -- especially if you stay there with the launch. There will certainly be no harm in seeing, first, if they will have you there, and secondly -- if you can possibly work in an occasional service.

Another thing. For years Dr. Campbell of Yoho Island had a service on his island every Sunday and sent the collections to the Knox society. These sometimes amounted, for the season, to $75. now, since Dr. Campbell is gone -- I don't suppose they have our service up there. It is a good way up the lake -- but with the launch distances do not need to be considered as much as if one were tied to a row-boat. You ought to ask Captain Board and Louis Mackenzie about this matter, and if they think it worth while you might get up there and visit the islanders and arrange a service if possible -- If not for every Sunday then on alternative Sundays.

I really think that Craigie Lea is hardly worth while bothering about -- unless a great many more people are there than in previous years. I would give this appointment up for either Yoho or Stanley House. Again consult with those on the ground.

The Windermere end I have not such an intimate knowledge of. I was wondering if the Ferndale people would like an occasional service. I know they usually go along that beautiful walk to Carling but Jamieson might see what they think of it and what he can do for them if they wish it.

Now re finances -- I am sending you $10.00. I must husband the little we have. On the same mail as your letter came two others from men who also had "special conditions" on their fields. You must certainly look to Dow for remuneration for your Sunday there. Ask him for it when you see him. If he thinks he is to get supply for his pulpit out of the Knox Society -- tell him for me that he is mistaken.

You understand that the launch belongs not to the Knox Society but to the Home Mission Committee. Consequently any tools which MacKay -- (as the servant of the Home Mission Committee) -- lost, -- must be replaced by them not by the funds of our Society. I hope you will keep the bill you render the Society for gasoline will be as low as possible.

Sorry I have inflicted such an epistle on you -- but you can understand I am specially interested in the scenes of my first experiences as a student-pastor. Remember me to all who ask you. I hope you have a more successful summer than has been. Tell the Henrys we had a short call from their son, Tom, a week ago. He looked radiantly happy as a prospective bridegroom should. Kindest regards to Jamieson, I am,

Very sincerely yours

R. B. Cochrane

[P.S.] Please endorse enclosed order on back & return R.B.C.

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