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W7534 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from James M. Menzies
Jul 21 1905
To: Calvin McQuesten
From: Staples, Ontario

Calvin McQuesten:

How have you been enjoying yourself since last I saw you in Sandusky? But I should hardly ask that for you would enjoy yourself almost any place. I made the trip home safely and in part very pleasantly as you know I met some of the Michigan men and stopped with them. We went out to the soldiers home in the morning and then down town for dinner. Well we could not find a decent restaurant in the town. They all had saloons in connection. We thought we had found one but we were just starting dinner when we saw that the back opened into the adjoining saloon, and behind a curtain two men and a woman were drinking and gambling, shaking dice, while we were there and we weren't very long. There was a fight and nearly another. We left in a hurry without much dinner. One block the fellows counted had more saloons than other buildings.

But we had a lovely trip on the boat. There were about twenty of us and we sang and had a jolly time all the way back to Detroit. It was rather rough on the lake but quiet in the river. I arrived home Tuesday night, having stayed all day in Detroit & Windsor.

I have been at home ever since working in the office and choreing [sic] around home. I suppose you have some idea of the job. I get some time to myself and have been enjoying some of the books I got over there at Lakeside.

I have written to several of the school men who are likely to take a class but I have not heard from any yet what would be the best place to follow with fellows who would make good leaders but who have not done any group studying? I have tried to get them enthusiastic in this work. Can you give me any plans?

I am sorry to say that those two pictures have turned out badly. In the delegation picture the "Kodak" was moved and for some reason that one of Angus was a blur, I don't know what happened. Am sending stamps for the 30.

Several of my pictures at Lakeside turned out bad but never mind they are all fresh in my mind (I suppose I should say memory), those were beautiful days. Everything seemed beautiful but now looking back at them they are simply grand (oh! Shaw! pass over these last few lines. One cannot begin to describe those 10 days at least I can't. I make them appear like time spent at a side show when I should picture them as time spent within ear shot of Heaven itself).

I look on Lakeside as a hallowed place and when I look at myself, my own true inner self, I wonder how I have dared to volunteer. But I am willing though unworthy and wholly unfit in every way for the work. But these things can be overcome and so far as I can with God's help I will prepare myself for the work. I need all the help I can get and I am going to draw on you fellows for it. Pray for me and write to me and so, Good bye.

James M. Menzies

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