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W7539 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from J. J. McPherson
Aug 9 1905
To: Calvin McQuesten Toronto, Ontario

Calvin McQuesten Esq.
My Dear Calvin,

I saw your name among the number of those who attended the Lakeside Conference and that gave me great pleasure, because I believe that you not only enjoyed it but that you feel better equipped now for the great work before you in the Fall, as chairman of the Bible Study Committee in University College you will have ample opportunity for using all your energy. Somehow or other I wish we had a few men out here like you. That sounds like taffy but notice what I said "a few men."

The Association work out here goes rather slowly during the hot summer months. There is very little going on as the great end of man just now is "how may I keep cool?"

We hope as soon as cooler weather returns to start operations on a larger scale. The work is needed -- that goes without saying. Sin abounds and there are very few restraints. Almost all the men to say the least, are loose in their habits. The Association is helping some of the men now but as yet the great majority have not come within its influence. Class distinctions are so marked. The men in mercantile life do not associate with the retail men or shopkeepers as they are called. It is sickening to me the way some men carry themselves here.

The Association in England is a very unpopular institution and as most of the men here come from England they came here prejudiced against the Association. It will take a long time to erase this prejudice. I believe it will be done in time if the bank does not break.

Now I think it is about time you were giving an account of yourself. You do not deserve this letter from me as you have not replied to my last. It is only out of the goodness of my heart that you get it. I hope you appreciate fully the gain that is yours. I hope more than that you will write at once and let me have all the news.

I expect an old pupil of mine when I was a school ma'am long ago will be down to the S.P.S. this fall. His name is Ernest Cole. Be sure to look him up. He is a good fellow and will take an active part in the Y.M.C.A. work if rightly handled. I am looking forward to hearing glowing reports of the work. Though far away I am still as much interested in it as ever. Give my regards to all the friends and keep the best yourself.

Yours very Sincerely

J. B. McPherson

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