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W7550 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from J. Stuart Jamieson
Aug 24 1905
To: Calvin McQuesten Staney Brae, Muskoka
From: Montreal, Quebec

My dear Calvin,

I am heartily ashamed of myself to think I haven't yet answered your kind letter. I have often wondered how you are enjoying your work up in the "wild and woolly woods." I may almost take it for granted that you are into it heart and soul and enjoying it too. There continually comes over me a homesickness to get back into such work. That's not to say I am disliking this work -- far from it, it is intensely interesting and an awful field of opportunity before one in a membership of 2400 young men besides numberless transients.1

Shortly after you wrote me I received an invitation from Sandwell to dinner at the Oxford. I there met two or three other newspaper men and had a delightful evening off. I think Sandwell is OK. He is such a very original cuss that I do not wonder you enjoyed his company: and it appears it was reciprocal. He wished me to remember him to you.

I have been fairly well introduced to the work and can imagine what I am up against for the next year. About a thousand men pass in and out of this association every day. A large percentage of those men are in need of some sort of help -- a marvellous opportunity isn't it?

I find Mr. Budge simply a delightful man to work with: he is so energetic and yet so kind and sympathetic. Mr. Calhoun has been on his vacation for the past month. He too is all that you claimed for him. He is as proud as can be over the appearance of Miss Calhoun. So is Mr. D.A. B. By the way Mrs. Budge was nearly drowned up at their cottage on the lake. She fell over the end of the wharf into 10 ft of water. She was alone. Mrs. Ross and Miss Ross were approaching her in a boat but fortunately they could bottom it at the place. They got an oar to Mrs. Budge and rescued her as she was going down for the last time. It was simply miraculous that all three weren't lost.

I like Montreal very much this far. The vicinity of the mountain is so grand that Montreal is unique as a city. The wharf locality gives one a very bad impression at first.

Have met several Toronto people already Sam Blumberger, Dan Urqhart, Alec Stewart is at present with his brother here. Allan McEvoy is in a bank in the city. It was very sad about Ed. Hayes. He was such a noble fellow. It is so hard to understand an incident like that.

I don't know what church I shall attend as yet. Both McKay and Johnson are absent on vacation. In all probability I shall join the American Presb. I have been asked to address the McGill Y.M.C.A. at the fall conference. I imagine the subject will be of a general nature. The relation of the YMCA to the college man or the like emphasizing it socially. Now Calvin if you could give me a single suggestion or two for the presentation of this topic. I would be everlastingly thankful. I know so little about YMCA work. Your experience is much greater than mine. You have done more thinking along that line. I shall look for a few thoughts from you.

Prince Lewis of Battenburg has been in the city for the past few days. I had the honor of a hand-shake from his serene highness last evening at the Public Garden party in the grounds of the Park ranger behind the mountain. He is quite a pleasant man and made an exceedingly favorable impression upon Montreal people generally.

Mr. Calhoun asked me some time ago to be particular to give you his best regards when I wrote. He threw all kinds of bouquets at you which however I must withhold knowing your "dislike to flowers."

Have you heard from Cam or Gordon. I got a letter form Jim. It was a funny one. He seemed up against it. Was somewhat discouraged Jim is guilty of too much "introspection." I remember of seeing a motto at the Sabbath school conference which Jim ought to have in his room: "When God wants work done he doesn't wait for a perfect man to do it." I imagine however that Jim will be doing good work nevertheless. As for that old beast Cam, I have no fears. He will be pulling his chin and doing some tall thinking about that handbook and other things.

Well Calvin it is time I was at work again so will hang up the phone for this time. Write if you can conveniently do so and as often as you can.

Yours faithfully

J. Stuart Jamieson

1 Jamieson works with the Montreal Y.W.C.A.

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