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W7560 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Helen Gartshore
Oct 5 1905
To: Calvin McQuesten Knox College, Toronto, Ontario

Dear Calvin,

I thank you so very, very much for your letter. It is at such a time as this that one finds out what friendship means, & God has blest me with very many true friends. Although our hearts are very sore just now, we feel so plainly what Dr. Parsons said yesterday at the funeral, that God just wanted one boy in another part of His kingdom, & such a far lovelier, happier part too. There seems so many kind & loving reasons for this trouble that we cannot but see a Father's loving hand all the way through. To begin with, I think we thought so much of this life with its joys & its sorrows, & so little of that which was to be forever. This earthly home, with its surroundings, its duties and its toils, seemed to fill our hearts almost to the exclusion of that Heavenly Home of many mansions, which was to be for ever. That must be changed now that we have a dear one "Over there." I hope too that Charlie's peace & trust may be blessed to his companions & acquaintances. He knew quite well he was going but wasn't a bit afraid, & when his gasping was so bad he kept saying to Mother "Will it be long?" His last thoughts were of Father & almost his last words were "Poor Father." That the only need. "Oh death where is thy sting?"

Poor Father was in Winnipeg en route to see Leslie when the news came of Charlie's illness, & before he got here he was dead & buried. The shock to him was awful. We feel so very sorry for poor Leslie, being away from us all at this time. I wish you would write to him. I'm afraid very few people will think of it, but his heart will be very sore. He is probably going to Winnipeg this week so perhaps you'd better send the letter here to be forwarded. Poor Boysie will miss him terribly. They were such chums & Boysie just worshipped Charlie. Boysie has received no letters and although many people sympathized with him, I think he would appreciate a letter. Jack Tibb is with him now which is a comfort.

I was so very sorry to hear Edna was so ill. I do hope she is better now.

Again thanking you for your helpful letter, I remain

Yours very truly,

Helen [Gartshore]

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