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W7564 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Mary E. MacLeod Moore
Oct 5 1905
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten Knox College, Toronto, Ontario
From: 420 W. 20th St., New York, New York

Dear Mr. McQuesten,

The celerity with which I am answering your letter received two days does not mean that I want to borrow money. It means partly that I was delighted to hear from you again after many days. I shall answer yours first & then proceed to tell my news.

Mamma made a speedy recovery from the shock of her reception at Knox College. In fact I don't think it made a terrible impression on her. I was sorry not to go to Toronto & I fear it will be next May before I am in that neighbourhood. I am glad that you had such a good holiday, but it is sad to think that you are getting so old and indifferent to the charms of all the nice young girls who are in evidence. Miss Harrison was here to dinner the other night looking splendid after five week's holiday in the country (I had a fortnight which I spent in the wildest gaiety in Montreal--a round of luncheons, teas & dinners with a Queen's Birthday picnic) 2 or 3 of my beloved mountain walks. Miss Harrison is deep in her work again & in January I am to take my class again.

Now, about the settlement business--if you are coming don't come till January for the reason I'll tell you later. If you came, then Miss H. & I can show you all that is done at St. Bartholomew's Parish House (where she works) & she also knows the people connected with the famous university settlement & could take us there to meet some of the people.1 I'll get the address of one of the men from her with a view to his speaking for you. I shall write a note to Miss Col. asking her to come here on her out day. Yonkers is about 1/2 hr. by train from N.Y. I remember that girl used to contribute to the young people's corner at the Mail & Empire. Yesterday I sent you the first no. of the Standard with an article by our confrere Mr. Holme who is doing very nicely. We see him fairly often.

NOW FOR MY NEWS! We, Mama & I sail (D.V.) next month for Eng. and the continent. I for seven weeks, she for the whole winter with my brother. What do you think of that? Mrs. Whitney, my chief, insisted upon re-engaging me for a year from Sept. 1st, as assistant editor & general assistant to her. I didn't want to promise, others tried to make it six months, but she said I must make it a year, so I did & am fixed till Sept 06. After I return I am to get $40. per week -- almost $2100 yearly. Isn't it a joke? I don't suppose Mr. Brierley would believe it & it does strike me as being something of a "pipe dream."

What would appear to Montreal & Toronto even more startling is that for the first time in my life I have gone in for swell clothes & have just bought a $90 gown for England. It was made to order but the lady went into mourning, so my chief bought it for me at a very swell price for $50. Imagine in the Herald days thinking of a gown at $50! We expect to have a lovely time in Eng. & shall spend most of the time there just over to Paris on a few days & perhaps some other nearby places. Mamma will spend the winter in London with my brother & we are letting our flat for that time. I shall board & then take the flat back before she comes home. I must close as it grows late. With kindest regards, always yours most sincerely,

M. E. MacLeod Moore 2

1 The settlement houses were inspired by the Social Gospel movement of the day, such as with Toynbee Hall in London and others in New York and Chicago (CBD 1471, W4785). The Presbyterian Church helped to pioneer the movement in Canada with its "energetic Committee on Moral and Social Reform" inspired by Charles Gordon, see W6446, W6343. In 1911 the Board opened St. Christopher's House in Toronto as its first settlement, and the movement soon spread to Montreal, Winnipeg and Vancouver (Moir, Enduring 184-85).

2 For all references to Mary E. MacLeod Moore, see, W7962, W7411, W7564, W7588, W7611, W8744, W-MCP1-3b.019, and see Box 04-007 for a footnote on Mary E. MacLeod Moore. Mary E. MacLeod Moore was a fellow-journalist with Calvin at the Montreal Herald in 1902.

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