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W7572 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Edwin G. Baker
Oct 5 1905
To: Calvin McQuesten Knox College, Toronto, Ontario
From: Eagles Nest, Muskoka, Ontario

My dear Cal,

Since I came here last Tuesday my thoughts have often turned to the Y.M.C.A down at Varsity. I have wondered whether I have caused a break in the work of pushing the Bible study or not. I felt that I should get away for a little while at least before I went back to Varsity. I need it for I have stayed down to work pretty closely for the past two years, or I would not have come away at all.

Two other fellows -- Harry Foreman and a friend of mine named Jack Vaughan, and a young girl friend of mother's came up with me last Tuesday. The weather has been beautiful and we have enjoyed every moment since we came. We were in for a swim both yesterday & to-day and found the water pretty cold, though not as cold as one would think. We have walked and sailed and rowed and swam far too strenuously for me. The other two boys are something of athletes and I'm not much good to stay with it.

By the way, yesterday we saw your launch down at Ditchborn's at Port Carling. It looks alright. You must have had a good time on it. Now Cal I would like you to drop me a note to let me know when you want to get the Bible study work going. All the folks up here want me to stay for a few days, but I want to get at that work with the rest, and shall feel obliged if you would let me know your plans. Health is a necessity for a man to do Christ's work, but when men are going to Hell by the millions we have to get our eyes off ourselves no matter who we are. My prayer Cal is that I may get away from frivolous talk, from talking to people about the weather or their health and everything else but the great love of Jesus Christ for lost man. God help us to be sober minded, not gloomy, for I believe that if a man has the love of Christ in his heart he will find it impossible to be a gloomy person. I'm naturally kind of giddy as it were, and am apt to allow this to get into my life.

We must push Bible study among the students, but you will agree with me that it is really a secondary consideration to pushing Christ among them. Of course, someone may say that to push Bible study will be to push Jesus Christ. But I find that you may talk of Bible, religion, Christianity and everything sacred to a fellow and yet not lead him to the right thing. When you ask whether he has taken Christ as his personal saviour you reach his need and he as well as you, knows where he is at.

Excuse the sermon Cal, but we must talk Christ, write Christ, sing Christ and live Christ, and nothing else, if we want to get close to him.

Let me know when you would like me back Cal, as soon as possible,

Yours very sincerely in Christ,

Edwin G. Baker

[P.S.] Excuse the writing. A shaky table & stiff hands from rowing send my writing all to bad.

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