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W7595 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Georgina Mackenzie
Dec 1 1906
To: Calvin McQuesten Standoff, Alberta
From: 1576 King St. West, Toronto, Ontario

Dear Mr. McQuesten,

I was very glad to find that you had not forgotten me. Your letter came just after the Knox "at Home," and as you must remember the good time you gave us at that function last year you will not be surprised that we have been speaking about you and wondering where and how you are. I am glad you are feeling better, and I hope you will not forget to come out to see us when you get home.

I think everybody did have a good time at Staney Brae last summer. I found it very hard to stay away, but the arrangements we made about dividing the forces, taught me a useful lesson that some of my loyal friends did not want me to leave. They got along so well without me, when I thought I was almost indispensable you see, I suppose it is good for us to find that the world moves along just the same without our help, if it isn't always pleasant.

I am glad your sister enjoyed her stay. The girls seemed to be a very jolly crowd, if one may judge from the stories one hears of the pranks indulged in. There was a fair supply of C.P.R. boys and some others as well, so there was no need of any "left outs" among the girls.

I had a very pleasant three weeks up there in the fall. The Laurie Island people stayed up and Alice and I at Staney Brae had not very much to do so I did a great deal more holidaying than usually falls to my lot. When you come to see me I will tell you all about a simply perfect Moon River trip Ethel and Gertrude Forbes and I took.

The [ ] bow [ ] unusually well all summer. Mr. Pickup had her painted and carpented and fixed up generally. We doubt your sister told you all about "the launch [?]", and you know that the Lake Joseph Presbyterian Church had been taken over by the Home Mission Com. so that now the Student Board will have nothing to do with the men who are sent. It would be nice to have you back again. I think they are going to have two men next year, so you had better let yourself be back early. Mr. P. I believe, expects to go back. Be sure you don't forget to come out to see us, we shall all be glad to see you and hear all about your work in the west. Mama and the girls are well, and Alister is very busy at school with lessons & foot-ball.

Couldn't they find a name for your post-office. Stand-off doesn't sound cordial does it? Kind regards from us all.

Georgina Mackenzie

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