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W7599 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from W. McD. Tait
Dec 5 1906
To: Calvin McQuesten Standoff, Alberta
From: 'The Manse' [?], Fishburn, Alberta

My dear "Mac,"

Yes I did pull myself away "from all those dear girls," "in the east," & was on the spot long before your letter, addressed to Fishburn, arrived. Returned Nov. 26. Back to the "simple life" again. "Far from the maddening crowd, etc. Bliss. This dear "manse" again with ox-tail soup, lobster entree, Beef steak au jus, potatoes a l'Utopia, & late breakfasts. Glorious!

My time at home was short. Less than a month. Out of that time I visited Renfrew, Pembroke, Ottawa, Eganville, & Pakenham, was at Ladies College & saw Miss Herron, your sister was confined to her room with slight illness,1 so did not see her. Had nerve to address Women's Missionary Society of Toronto at home of Dr. Dowsley. Dr. & his 2 sisters showed me Varsity & Knox. I'm a convert "Mac." It's Knox I think. Hurrah!

But, I meant to tell you I hadn't developed a film since you left, not even what I exposed going E. & coming W. Can't send roll either as they are mixed. Am busy too "Mac" but if I have a chance I'll try to get it done & send it.

Returned via Tor., Detroit, Chic., St. Paul, Moose Jaw, & spent Sunday fortnight ago in Med. Hat, & heard sermon on "what devil does in winter time" & announcement for next Sunday -- "Lies -- white, black, & pie-balled." Ha! Ha! In Tor. heard Dr. Milligan & Rev. Seggre. He's a winner, sure, Seg is. He was at Miss. meeting & I got to know him a bit . Was at illustrated lecture too in his Ch. on Monday night.

Hope nice time treaty. Did you help in store? Fun Eh?

Have letter for G. D. Gordon asking about Stand Off. Seems its up to me "Mac." But I've got to have another horse. 2 mt. camps going again & these need me or rather the Gospel.

Am busy banking house, fixing stable, etc.

Kind regards for Mr. & Mrs. McNeil & Phil if he's there. Also Mr. Ed & family.

Not likely see you before you go away. God speed "Mac." A Merry Xmas & Happy New Year. A card at any time will be a ray of sunshine.

Sincerely yours,

W. McD. Tait.

1 Ruby was a teacher at Ottawa Ladies' College. She later developed Tuberculosis.

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