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W7671 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from John M. Rioch
Oct 20 1907
To: Calvin McQuesten Toronto, Ontario
From: Florida, New York

Dear Cal,

In the magazine section of the Toronto Weekly Globe which I receive regularly, I saw the pictures of the inauguration of President Falconer and I wished so much that I might read some account of the proceedings and of his address. There was not a word about it in the news columns and I was much disappointed so that when the copy of the Daily came, which you sent, you may be sure your thoughtfulness in remembering me was very highly appreciated, not only because it satisfied my wish but also because I was pleased at being remembered by you in this way. I read all the paper had to say about the proceedings and the account of his address a second time. I should have liked to have been present.

Doesn't it seem good that a man of the first order has been placed at the head of affairs. If the student body entertain the same confidence in the new President their Press seems to have, his coming must be a veritable renascence to the institution, and the shaking up C.R. Jamieson set in motion will entitle him to the everlasting gratitude of all lovers of Varsity.

I have just received from [illegible] a copy of the 1st issue of the Varsity containing the President's first address to the Students and the account of Jamieson's death. Did you know him? His face is quite familiar to me. He entered Varsity with the Class of '03 but dropped out for a year. He was a quiet fellow and I never became well acquainted with him. I suppose you are now a student at Knox. I should be very glad to hear from you about your work and your plans and things in general about Varsity. I often think of you and wonder how your health hangs out and what good work you are doing.

Sometime, i.e., whenever you should find it possible to do so, I wish you would come down and pay us a visit. We have a very modest but very happy home, and I should be very glad to have you and Fanny make each other's acquaintance and to have you see our little family of whom I am very proud.

My farming hasn't produced a fortune as yet but the prospects for a comfortable living are very good. I grow stronger every year and with growing efficiency find my work increasingly attractive. This is but a brief hasty note but I shall send it as it is because if I leave it over to add to it, you might not receive it for some time.

Good crops both of apples and corn, which in general are poor this year -- are keeping me very busy. With so many thanks, dear Cal, for sending me the Globe and hoping I may hear from you sometime soon, I am with affectionate regard, as ever, your friend.

John M. Rioch1

1 For note on John Rioch, see W4582.

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