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To My Valentine
Large Heart with Two Lovebirds

W7717 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Laura Hostetter
Feb 10 1908
To: Calvin McQuesten Toronto, Ontario
From: Tacoma, Washington

Dear Mr. Calvin,

Do you not begin to feel shaky-and-this is Leap-Year1 too. I am afraid I am very childish after all, but I do love a little fun and the deplorable fact is so few people know how to take it--I was so delighted to get your letter & each of your dear 'pennauent' [sic] sisters penned me with one also so I had lots of news & really no gossip, ahem: Thank you also for your Christmas remembrances also the beautiful lines 'The Temple of the Ages.' Did you know I am a great lover of poetry? The moment I open a book I must [?], it first things for verse. We have had just one little snow storm it did look good, I miss the snow. Still it would be heathenish to find fault with this climate, only I love "my own, my Native Land."

I wonder would it interest you to hear about my S.S. [Sunday School] class I had twelve boys ages from eleven to fourteen. I formed them into a little mission club & they seemed to enjoy it very much. We have a small church, no S.S. room & the Supt. thought twelve boys too many for one person to manage so the class was divided. I kept six and six were given to another teacher, & I assure you there was a perfect uproar amongst the boys & it's positively pathetic two of them want to come back, they just hang around every Sunday but the Supt. is decided, but me, I kept the mission band together & I have two more boys, one of them came out of another class & declared he wouldn't come to S.S. unless he came in my class, so I begged to take him much against the wishes of the teachers. Last Saturday night I gave them a dinner in the kitchen of the church--three other teachers mothers of the boys helped me. I do wish you could have peeped in fifteen & such appetites. Our Menu: Beef Loaf, Mashed Potatoes, Pork & Beans, Catsup, pickle, currant and plain buns, preserved plumbs [sic], chocolate cake, cocoa & oranges. Then we had after dinner speeches, one boy began, "I stand for the King & Miss Hostetter" & the boys just pounced on him said he was a traitor, I tried to explain he was being polite to me. You have no idea how interesting they are. I enjoy the little church very much. Perhaps I told you the minister is a Canadian & a fine man not brilliant but beter [sic], truly consecrated.

I had my photo taken only got three finished & the last one was spoiled or I would have sent it to you. I do not care much for any of the photos, here. I think Aunt Annie2 said in the her last your mother is beter [sic], she is glad they are moving back to town. I suppose they are quite settled by now. I would so love to take a course in Chicago for Y.W.C.A. work, but dear Aunt Annie cannot see eye to eye with me, however, I will not dare to pay for it--I am conceited enough to think I could really help young girls. I have had such a lot of experience my age you see, & then I have 'quit strugglin' but my first desire is to do something for Him who has done all for me.

I must close I will write the girls soon. I should so love to get another letter from you if you have any time. I feel as if I must apologize for the birdies but I found it hard to paint on this thin paper. Remember me to the lawyer,3 tell him if I ever have a 'breach of promise' case I will come to him as I know justice will be done. I must close. Good bye Valentine. Believe me, your sincere friend.

Laura Hostetter.

1 Compare with W7627. It is difficult to tell if there is a romantic relationship between Laura and Calvin or if she is just being playful.

2 "Aunt Annie" is Annie Thomson, see W4415.

3 "The Lawyer" is likely Thomas McQuesten.

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