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c/o Knox College, Toronto, Ontario
[Redirected to: Glenhurst, Saskatchewan]

W7747 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from W. McD. Tait
Apr 24 1908
To: Calvin McQuesten
From: Macleod, Alberta

My dear Mac,

Have changed my address to above. If you asked my Fishburn friends the reason for the move they would no doubt tell you it was brought about by the magnetism of one of the fair sex, resident in the town of Macleod. This would be in part true, but it's not "the truth, the whole truth, etc."

The fields have been separated again & as I have doing things during past summer I thought I would take it easy for this summer & so chose the lesser part. Last summer I had 3 appts here on one Sunday & 4 in other and &+ + miles on alternate Sunday. It was too much to do thoroughly. Now I have Stand Off, Waterton, Rathwell every Sunday. Stand Off last Sunday we had 38 people & $2.90. Rathwell 70 people & $6.20. Eleven singers from Macleod helped us at Rathwell. It was Easter service.

Stand Off people all well. O'Brien home from Ireland & farming again. Dennis still at Shannon Grove, Jebb Brown & Mrs. in California. McNeils all well except Ethel. She has been in bed for some time. Webb's 2nd little girl (forget name) is given up for gone by 2 Dr.'s. Saw Alf McN. in Macl. today & he said there was no hope. Mrs. Webb is in a Maternity Home here in Macl., soon to be confined & knows nothing about it. It's very sad indeed.

Am "batching" just now with Mr. Brownlee on Day's Ranche. Am putting up a Canvas house for summer & go back to school in fall. Think I take a 6 mos. prep. course in Man. & take arts there. Theol. Knox.

Am glad Heck. put up money for Camera.1 I didn't like to speak to him of it & yet I felt I should do it, for it was on my recommendation you sold. Marshalls still at St. Ridge. No they have nothing at all. Funny they don't progress. Albert seems a good worker.

Have had most delightful winter. Not winter weather at all. Didn't go below 15 or 20 & this not more than 6 days all told.

Am not sure where to find you but am addressing c/o Knox Min. Soc'ty, P.O. Spence B.A. is at Fishburn & O.K.

Very sincerely yours,

W. McD. Tait

1 Hector McGlenning bought Calvin's camera, see W7678 and W7683.

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