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W7783 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from E. A. Dowie
Jan 14 1909
To: Calvin McQuesten Knox College, Toronto, Ontario
From: Zealandia, Saskatchewan

Dear Mr. McQuesten,

Your very kind and most helpful letter received today. I feel very ungrateful for not replying to the cards which was so thoughtful of you in sending me.

I have been intending writing to you for the last couple of weeks, so today when I received you letter I determined to have a quiet time. I am sure you were delighted to know from Mr. Inglebrecht the good C.E. men we have had since we started, the attendance has been splendid. We have got already nine Active Members also Mr. L[?] has been appointed as President. They have appointed me as Secretary of which I feel so unworthy of such a responsible position. But I can claim that beautiful promise which has been very real to me oftentimes "Thy Grace is Sufficient for Them" a promise which covers every weakness we have and strengthens us in the warfare of life. And my prayer for this work in God's vineyard is that it may be indeed for Glory of God, and the extension of His Blessed Kingdom.

I was so glad to hear of you having such a good time in College. May your study and work be one of untold blessing.

It was so kind of you asking the many peoples of Blyth to write me. I have not received a letter yet, but I will be delighted to hear from them at any time, and do hope through our correspondence, that we may be a help & blessing one to the other.

I think when you come back you will hardly know Zealandia, we have got quite a little town, new houses been built every day and we also got quite a number new people come here since you left. It is so nice to see the train running and will no doubt be very convenient for you coming back. I think our C.E. Meetings will be closed for a few weeks, as the weather here has been pretty rough for the last couple of weeks, we have had it almost 60 below.

We had Mr. Parr from D[?] who came twice, and gave us two splendid helpful addresses at our C.E. Meetings.

As I close this note my brothers wish to be remembered to you. Wishing you every blessing both Spiritual & Temporal in the coming year 1909.

Yours sincerely in Christ

E. A. Dowie1

1 We have found no relationship between this E.A. Dowie and the John Alexander Dowie of the "Zion" Divine Healing Mission that Calvin joined in Chicago in 1896. For J. A. Dowie, see W-MCP1-3b.016.

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