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W7803 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from M. Alice Crombie
Jul 31 1909
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst, Saskatchewan
From: Dwight, Lake of Bays, Ontario

Dear Mr. McQuesten,

Thank you so much for your very kind letter of sympathy in our recent great sorrow. I had hoped to tell you long ago, how very much both father & I appreciated your thought of us--but, oh how the days have gone--the first few weeks were very full indeed of all the duties which follow such an experience in any home--but providence is kindness, in that my Western plans were all upset & the best thing was Muskoka, where some relatives were holidaying.

Preparing for it I took sick with pleurisy & was sent to bed to take "the rest cure" for a week--Think of me so-doing--but again an ever-watchful providence had planned, for I learned a great deal about myself that was worth while, & so now I am in the North-country trying to get fat & get rested-& am ordered to remain here until September. In this brief summary you will have been able to follow–& so you will pardon the most unconventional reply to you of June 17th.

It is all so in Muskoka. I am living over daily the first week of June, which made such changes in our home--Mother, as you said, was by far the stronger of the two; indeed all our anxieties were on Father's behalf--& for her she was wonderfully well, a week before a cold which afterwards developed into grippe, was the first indication I had of any trouble. First in a short season bronchial pneumonia followed--& then poor heart, never strong could not withstand the strain--& then we realized the seriousness, she passed from us without a sigh, during the quiet stillness of a beautiful June Sabbath afternoon.

In this, as in all the detail which we were enabled to carry out, Mother's ideas now satisfied--& so tho' our hearts are lonely & the blank in the home unspeakable, we rest in His infinite love & wisdom, knowing that for her there is perfect rest & joy in His presence.

Father's condition caused me grave anxiety for many days but he was brighter before I left the city & my latest news is very encouraging.

I trust you are very well, and enjoying a good season--I frequently think of you as you go and come in your service for Him--it seems all we can do in these days of endless woe.

The news of Dr. McTavish was favorable--he was in Gentra[?], wrote for London & Scotland when last I heard of him.

With very warm regards, and much gratitude.

Yours most sincerely,

M. Alice Crombie

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