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W7812 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Tully W. Anderson
Nov 22 1909
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Knox College, Toronto, Ontario
From: Glenhurst, Saskatchewan

Rev. Calvin McQuesten,
Dear friend.

Your ever welcome letter to hand a few days ago and was pleased to hear from you. We are all enjoying fairly good health, Jemima is under the doctor's care but is improving nicely tho rest are all hale and hearty. Neither George nor William are home yet. George was to have been home on Sunday, but has not arrived yet. William has been coming all this month, but has not arrived yet, we expect him about the end of the month.

We just got thrashed on Saturday the grain all turned out pretty good I got 33 bushels of about 165 acres and William's came out about the same George's wheat went 22 and his oats 52 bushels per acre.

Nelson Saunders got home from thrashing last Wednesday also Bob Smith. Bob has gone to work for Mr. Homewell, he is thrashing at Mr. Brooks

There is about 600 acres still in stock from Glendennings to Humphries.

Jemima has got mother's place at least all have signed the agreement.

Mr. Alfred Taylor has Typhoid Fever and his recovery is somewhat doubtful.

Rebecca has turned Nelson's shack into a hospital and has had one Typhoid patient who only lasted 5 days, he was an Englishman and was too far gone when she got him.

The Ladies Aid meets at aunt Tressa's on Thursday the 25 inst.

Mr. Lyman Fisher is still on the go but looking very bad.

Mr. Crosley has taken up your Sunday evening and had a Mr. Spencely from Delisle dispense communion on the 14th.

I hope you made up your nine dollars. Mrs. W. D. Jackson tells that he gave you a ten so that ought to help you out.

I guess I had better stop as I am getting tired and will be getting things all balled up.

Oh by the way we have about 6 inches of snow winter set in very sudden on Tuesday. Everything was fine and dandy and on Wednesday, we had 3 inches of snow and have had several small storms since and tonight it is blowing a hurricane.

Hoping this will find you well and your sister improving. I guess I will close.

I remain,

Your sister friend,

Tully W. Anderson

P.S. Many thanks for sending pen, watch and chair arrived all O.K.


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