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Feb 12 1915
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Buckingham, Quebec
From: Gooderham, Ontario

Dear Mr. McQuesten,

I got your letter last Dec. and was very glad to hear of your Call. It will be a good church if there's a millionaire number--good financially. And then you're fond of Quebec.

Did Fielding get the stuff down all right? He's so careless I hope nothing was hurt.

Mr. Gilchrist seems doing well in B.B. but they raised his salary, and at last report storms were brewing. Look-out for squalls.

The Bible Class has 80 numbers and the guild is almost out of business. But the piano is nearly paid. The old guard are hanging on for that purpose. Hilda Johnson however, is gone. She married Gordon Brown of Sumacher in December. I hear they're thinking of forming a boys' club and making a girls' club of the guild. I'll be sorry to see it done away with.

This place is in Haliburton. It is a small village on the T.B. & O. Railway. There are four stores in it, a town hall, blacksmith shop, tinker's shop, jail, creamery, two saw mills, two churches, and a school. The latter has 49 scholars of whom I have charge. It is the toughest in the inspectorate which is saying a great deal. It is slow work getting control, but I believe I'm managing throughout this stage of the game [?] [?] [?]. It ran well for several years.

The churches are Mormon and Methodist. The Mormons are in the majority. They're the most two faced bunch I've run up against yet. A young Anglican student, Kinggerly, conducts services here, so as I can't stand the Methodist man, I have turned Anglican. He's a fine young fellow, a Trinity man and one of the most unconventional guys you ever ran up against.

I am enclosing a poem1 I wrote last fall and sent to the East & West. I had a bad writing streak on at the time and it was the result. It was accepted and I got $3.00 for it. I wish I could turn the stuff out so as to make it pay. I'd quit teaching, that's a cinch. I signed the pen-name Jules Ramy to it, but they ignored that, why do you suppose that was?

Trusting that in your new charge you may have all success and happiness, I remain,

Your sincere friend,

Ted Warde

1 This poem was not found with the letter at Whitehern.

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