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Apr 21 1915
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Buckingham, Quebec
From: Bracebridge, Ontario

Dear Mr. McQuesten,

You will excuse the pencil but I've lost my fountain pen and can't write worth a hang with the others.

I got your letter with your very kind offer of help in good time, and am ashamed not to have answered it at once, but I was very busy in my last week at Gooderham and have been busier since I came home. I won't be going to the city till fall. Then I guess, and hope, it will simply be on my way to California as I have the chance of going to Los Angeles then, and I may go. I have an aunt and uncle there and can visit them till I get on my feet. I expect we might all go, as father's health has been none too good this winter. So you see, although I am very grateful for your kind offer of testimonials, I may not need them after all.

The day after I got home I went to see about the book-case. I found it in good condition and sent Fielding after it. I asked him a day or so after if hed got it and he said yes. Then just the other morning he stopped me and said that the G.T.R. would not accept it unless it were taken to pieces and that the freight on it would be 75 cts. & paid. Now I will if you want it knock it up and send it, but I wonder if it were worth it. Meanwhile, it is at Wheadon's (or Lazer's). Taking the freight and cartage we were wondering if it would be worth while.

I was at a Guild Spread last night, it was all right, but I have been at better. There's almost entirely a new crowd running it now.

I am going to school, trying to get up the winter's work for June. I am quite discouraged allready [sic], for I am sure I can't pass. But I'll know that much more anyway.

Had a letter from Harry Loveland last week. The second day they were in the trenches he was promoted to Lance Corporal. His letter would have been quite interesting if it hadn't been for the censor.

Well, I must get at Horace. I hope that you are meeting with all encouragement and success in Buckingham. You deserve it.

Hoping to hear from you soon, I remain,

Your sincere friend,

Ted Warde

[P.S.] The Russelites are building a church here. Mrs. Lunn, Mrs. McKay & Mrs. Hutchison are the only ex-Presbyterians concerned.1

1 This comment helps to establish that some the Russelites [or Russellites] were originally associated with the Presbyterians. Their leader Charles Taze Russell was a Presbyterian before he organized his own sect of Bible Students. See Web Site for more on Charles Taze Russell, and his Watchtower Bible and Tract Society and Jehovah's Witnesses. - 12k. For a quotation from this web site, see footnote at Box 12-152.

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