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Dec 8 1902
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten
From: Montreal Quebec

December 8th 1902
Academy of Music
J.B. Sparrow, Leasee and Manager
W.A. Edwards, General Representative
J.B. Ritchie, Local Representative

Week beginning Monday, December 8th, 1902.
Regular Matinee, Saturday-

Charles Frohman
Charles Hawtrey
In a Play, in Three Acts, entitled-
By Richard Ganthony.
As presented by Mr. Hawtrey for 500 consecutive nights in London at the Avenue
and Prince of Wales Theatres, and for 200 nights at
the Garrick Theatre, New York.

Cast of Characters
Horace Parker, [played by] Mr. Charles Hawtrey
A tramp, [played by] Mr. Fred Thorne
Arthur Dicey, [played by] Mr. E.W. Tarber
Dr. Chapman, [played by] Mr. Wallace Widdecombe
Sir Edward Vivian, [played by] Mr. F. Walters
Mr. Shillingford, [played by] Mr. Eric Dudley
Mr. Carruthers, [played by] Mr. Faithful Pearce
Sir Roland Wright, [played by] Mr. W. Parmenter
Job The Coster,[played by] Mr. George Pickett
"The Emperor," [played by] Master Harold De Becker
Muggeridge, [played by] Mr. W. Hulbert
Jim, [played by] Mr.R.G. Pegg
Policeman, [played by] Mr. Arthur Playfair
Servant at Mrs. Clarences, [played by] Mr. Gilbert Douglas
Watchman, [played by] Mr. W. Ashton
Boy, [played by] Master Thomas Morris
Paper Boy, [played by] Mr. E. Phillips
The Messenger from Mars, [played by] Mr. H. Stephenson

Miss Parker, [played by] Miss Hetta Barlett
Mrs. Clarence, [played by] Miss Adie Burt
Bella, [played by] Miss Lillian Morgan
Polly, [played by] Miss Comstock
A Flower Girl, [played by] Miss Marie De Becker
A Poor Woman, [played by] Miss Lydia Rachel
Girl, [played by] Miss Nesta De Becker
Minnie Templer, [played by] Miss Frances Belmont
Guests, etc., Mesdames Morgan, Park, De Becker, Messrs, Hulbert, Richards.

Act I.- Inside Horace Parker's House; time, nine P.M.

Act II.- Outside Mrs. Clarence's house; time, eleven P.M.

Act III-Same as Act I: time, one A.M.

The music in Act II. By the Excelsor Quartet

Executive Board for Mr. Charles Frohman
Business Manager Mr. Julian Magnet
Representatives Mr. Joseph Jerome
Stage Manager Mr. F.W. Tarvern

Musical Programme

During the intermissions the Orchestra will perform the following Section under the direction of Mr. R. Gruenwald.
1. Overture "Modern" P. Gruenwald
2. Magical "Italy" [O??]
3. Waltz "Dans le Deux" [??]
4. Sebastien from "A Chinese Honeymoon" [??]
5. A [??] "Lobster's Parade" [??]
6. Exit March "Galilee Hearts" [??]

Academy of Music
[Floor plan Illustration]

Special Notice!

This programme is furnished by the Management for your convenience, but not to be used as an annoyance to ladies and gentlemen occupying orchestra chairs. The using of the programme as a missile is a misdemeanour, and will be dealt with accordingly.

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