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Rev. Calvin & Jack MinerW8084 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from the Hamilton Bird Protection Society
Oct 1 1932
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Whitehern, Hamilton, Ontario
From: Hamilton, Ontario


Season 1932-331

SAT. OCT. 1st
1. Trip to Lake Medad

MON. NOV. 14th
2. "More Birds" illustrated by lantern slides
Mr. Harrison Lewis

SAT. DEC. 24th
3. Christmas Census

MON. FEB. 13th
4. "Rare Birds of Ontario"

MON. MAR. 13th
5. Lecture, Mr. Mark Robinson of Algonquin Park

MON. APR. 10th
Annual Meeting
6. "Mushrooms," Mr. Howsan

SAT. MAY 13th
7. Field Day

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W.E. Saunders ........ Hon. President
W. Owen Merriman, M.A. ........ Hon. Vice President
Rev. Calvin McQuesten ........ President
J.H. Williamsm, Mrs. F.E. MacLoghlin
Dr. H. G. Arnott
Robert Sweatman, Miss Nina Duncan
Miss M.E. Graham
Rev. C.A. Heaven, H.C. Nunn
Miss McEwin

1 In Calvin's Calendar there are many items from the Bird Protection Society and from various Naturalist clubs. We have used W8084 to represent them all. See also W8099. Others in the Calendar or boxes are W7956, W8086, W8087, W8140, W8751, W8086, Box 08-204. Calvin was President or an executive member for many years, and was an avid member until his death in 1968. Several photos on this site include Jack Miner, the famous bird conservationist, IMG050, IMG053, IMG071, IMG124, IMG139, IMG140.

Another such document exists in the archive. It lists Rev. Calvin McQuesten as President of the Hamilton Association and as Chief Officer and manager in the province.
It is dated March 31, 1934. The document is a "Return" from the Assistant Provincial Secretary, Parliament Buildings, Toronto.
Return of Information and Particulars as of March 31, 1934.
The Hamilton Bird Protection Society, Inc., Letters Patent
Date of Incorporation: June 23, 1920
President Rev. Calvin McQuesten 41 Jackson Street West
Secretary Miss Edith McEwin 142 Caroline Street West
Treasurer Miss B.M. Baver 238 Main Street East
Director Miss M.E. Graham 33 Baillie Street
Director Rev. C.A. Heaven 135 Dalewood Cr.
Director H.C. Num 1 Mountain Park Avenue
Director J.H. Williams 129 Fairleigh Avenue
Director Robert Seveatman 40 Alpine Avenue Chief Officer and Manager in this Province Rev. Calvin McQuesten, 41 Jackson Street West, Hamilton.
Date of last annual meeting April 10 1933

The McQuestens were avid naturalists and Ruby often speaks of their outings, she was on the executive in Ottawa, and she notes a meeting with Thompson-Seton (Ernest Thompson Seton) in 1907, see W-MCP2-4.048.

2 For information pertaining to Calvin's time as a Director of the Society, see the following documents: (W8093), (W8094), (W8096).

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