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In this document, words that are italicized represent those that were originally handwritten on a typed form.

May 1 1935
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten
From: Hamilton Ontario

Forward this return with $1.00 filing fee to the Assistant Provincial Secretary, Parliament Buildings, Toronto.
Return of Information and Particulars as of May 1, 1935

Name (in full) of the Corporation:
The Hamilton Bird Protection Society Inc.

The jurisdiction under the laws of which the Corporation was incorporated:
Province of Ontario

Is the Corporation valid and subsisting?
Concise and general statement of the nature of the business or objects of the Corporation:
To promote protection & study of wild birds.
[Office, Name, P.O. Address, Residence- giving, when possible, Street and Number]
President- J.H. Williams, Hamilton,129 Grosvenor St. South.
Secretary- Edith Mc.Ewin, Hamilton, 285 King St W.
Treasurer- Miss B.M. Bauer, Hamilton, 238 Main St. E.
Director- Calvin McQuesten, Hamilton, 41 Jackson St. W.
Director- Cecil A. Heaven, Hamilton, 135 Dalewood Cres.
Director- H. C. Nunn, Hamilton, 3 Mt. Park Ave.
Director- Miss M.E. Graham, Hamilton, 33 Bailey St.
Director- Mrs. McLoghlin, Hamilton, Inglewood Drive.
Director- Dr. H.A. Arnott, Freeman, RR 2 Freeman.

Name and post office address of the chief officer or manager in this Province:
J.H. Williams, 129 Grosvenor St South. Hamilton, Ont.

Location of head office giving street and number where possible:
Hamilton and Tallory May 15th- Hamilton.

The date upon which the last annual meeting of the Corporation was held:
April 22, 1935.

Amount of land or debenture debt of Corporation:

Preferred statement of real estate in Ontario owned by Corporation, where cost and the value thereof:

Canada, Province of Ontario
In the matter of the Return of Hamilton Bird Protection Society Incorporated
To Wit: And in the matter of the Companies Information Act, 1928.

I Calvin McQuesten of the city of Hamilton in the County of Wentworth in the Province of Ontario, Director of the above-named corporation, make oath and say:

1. THAT I have knowledge of the matters herein deposed to;

2. THAT the information and particulars herein contained are true and correct;


**Sworn before me at the city of Hamilton in the Province of Ontario this 27th day of June 1935
[Signed] Calvin McQuesten.
[Signature]- A Notary Public, or a Commissioner, etc.

*This affidavit can be made only by the President or, in his absence, by a Director.
** If a Director signs in the absence of the President, the reason therefor shall be stated here.
***This affidavit may be made IN ONTARIO before any Justice of the Peace, a Commissioner for taking Affidavit, or a Notary Public; OUT OF ONTARIO, it should be made before a Notary Public, who should affix his notarist seal.

1 For more information on the Hamilton Bird Protection Society and Rev. Calvin McQuesten's participation in it, see the following documents as well: W8084, W8093, W8096

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