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Jan 1 1900 Date Estimated
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten

1. And it came to pass after those things, that Abraham sat in the door of his tent, about the going down of the sun.

2. And behold a man weary with travel came from the way of the wilderness.

3. And Abraham arose, and met him, and said unto him, Turn in, I pray thee, and warm thy feet, and tarry all night, and thou shalt arise early on the morrow, and go thy way.

4. But the man said, Nay, for I will abide under this tree.

5. And Abraham pressed him greatly; so he turned, and they went into the tent; and Abraham baked unleavened bread, and they did eat.

6. And when Abraham saw that the man blessed not God, he said unto him, Wherefore dost thou not worship the most High God, Creator or Heaven and Earth?

7. And the man answered and said, I do not worship the God thou speakest of, neither do I call on his name; for I have made to myself a God, which abideth always in mine house, and provideth me with all things.

8. And Abraham's zeal was Kindled against the man, and he arose and fell upon him, and drove him forth.

9. And at midnight God called unto Abraham saying, Where is the stranger?

10. And Abraham answered and said, Lord he would not worship thee, neither would he call on thy name and I drove him forth.

11. And God said, Have I borne with him these 198 years, and nourished and clothed him, notwithstanding his rebellion against me; and couldst not thee, that art thyself a sinner, bear with him one night.

12. And Abraham said, Let not the anger of the Lord wax hot against his servant. Lo I have sinner forgive me I pray thee.

13. And he arose and went into the wilderness, and sought diligently for the man and found him.

14. And returned with him to his tent; and when he had entreated him kindly, he sent him away on the morrow with gifts.

15. And God spake unto Abraham, saying, For this thy sin shall thy seed be afflicted 400 years in a strange land.

16. And for thy repentance will I deliver them; and they shall come forth with power and with gladness of heart and with much substance.1

1 This is not a passage from the Bible. Instead, it appears to have been written by Benjamin Franklin, "A Parable against Persecution". He is addressing the issue of religious toleration which Calvin must have addressed in a sermon.

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