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Jan 1 1902
From: First Baptist Church Sunday School Montreal Ontario

Issued by the
First Baptist Church Sunday School
Cor. St. Catherine and City Councilors Sts.

Boys and Cigarettes.

An investigation into the effects of cigarette smoking upon boys, was lately made in connection with a New York public school of about 500 pupils, and the results, as published by Mr. P. L. Lord in a recent number of the School Journal, afford clear and definite evidence of the terribly injurious effects of the cigarette habit upon boys. The investigation extended over several months of close observation of twenty boys who it was known did not use tobacco in any form and twenty boys known to be "cigarette fiends". The following account of the investigation, which is from the New York Times shows that it was conducted in a thorough manner, and is highly suggestive of the results which may be expected for the present and coming generations if the growing habit of cigarette smoking among boys shall be allowed to prevail: The non-smokers were drawn by lot. The report represents the observation of ten teachers. The pupils investigated were from the same rooms in the same school. No guesswork was allowed. Time was taken to get at the facts of the case on the twenty questions of inquiry- hence the value of the report. The ages of the boys were from ten to seventeen. The average age was a little over fourteen. Of the twenty smokers twelve had smoked more that a year and some of them several years. All twenty boys used cigarettes, while some of them also used pipes and cigars occasionally. The following table shows the line of investigation:

Smokers [vs.]Non-Smokers
[The numbers are shown first, and then the percentages]
1. Nervous 14- 70/ 1- 5
2. Impaired Hearing 13- 65/ 1- 5
3. Poor Memory 12- 60/ 1- 5
4. Bad Manners 16- 80/ 2- 10
5. Low Deportment 18- 90/ 1- 5
6. Poor Physical Condition 12- 80/ 2- 10
7. Bad Moral Condition 14- 70-
8. Bad Mental Condition 18- 99/ 1- 5
9. Street Loiters 16- 80-
10. Out nights 150- 75-
11. Careless in dress 12- 60/ 4- 20
12. Not Neat and clean 12- 60/ 1- 5
13. Truants 10- 50-
14. Low rank in studies 18- 90/ 3- 15
15. Failed of promotion *19- *2-
16. Older than average of the grade 19- 95/ 2- 10
17. Untruthful 9- 45-
18. Slow Thinkers 19- 95/ 3- 15-
19. Poor workers or not able to work continuously 17- 85/ 1- 5
20. Known to attend Church or Sunday school 1- 5/ 9- 45


"The following personal peculiarities were noted in the smokers: Twelve of the cases had poor memories, and ten of the twelve were reported as very poor, only four had fair memories and not one of the twenty boys had a good memory. Eighteen stood low in deportment, only one was good, and none was excellent. Seven of them were low, being constantly in durance vile because of their actions. Twelve of the boys were in a poor physical condition, six being subject to "sick spells" and were practically physical wrecks. Eight were reported as being in a fair or good condition, but none were excellent. The table shows that the average boy in this school who had never used cigarettes is represented by about ninety-five per cent, or in other words, out of a hundred such, boys, ninety-five of them are reasonable sure of getting at lease a good common school education."

These Leaflets may be procured, with the name of your school printed thereon, for 75cts first 100, and 50c each subsequent 100, from L.E.& A.F. WATERS, 718 1/2 Craig Street, Montreal.

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