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W8160 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his brother Thomas McQuesten
Mar 3 1903 1
To: [Rev.] Calvin McQuesten Montreal Herald, Montreal, Quebec
From: Fencing Club, University of Toronto

My Dear Cal,

Rec'd your letter on Monday and was very glad to get it. Likewise the paper you sent me the week before. Mother also sent the same paper as she did not know you had sent it. Our correspondence is not as well kept up as it might be and I fear it is largely my fault.

And to the date of Pater's death, it is March 7th. That is next Saturday. Hope you will get this in time.

The fox hunt must have been quite a bit of fun. Have not been out for a snowshoe this year. Have not gone to the Gartshore's since before Xmas and am rather ashamed now. It costs money to keep trotting out there.

Mr. Lourades[sp?] has left this house as he had rather a streak of hard luck and could not get any work, so he had to look for a cheaper room. However he came in the other day in great jubilation as he had just succeeded in getting a job in the Parliament House as sessions writer or something of that sort. It will last all the session and I expect the pay is pretty good. I lent him $6 and now he will be able to pay it all right, which will relieve me to a certain extent.

I think I will go up the Ottawa this year as a river rat.2 I will let mamma think I am clerking or it will worry her to death. The pay is not very much but it will be good for my health and will be a good experience.

To-night I was agreeably surprised with a visit from David Ross. He is a sort of general agent of the View3 business in Toronto here and I am going to help him as much as possible in getting fellows from Varsity. He intends to go over to England this year and in the fall he expects to go out west. I wish he would give up the business for he is not a bad fellow.

Well it is getting late and I am tired, so will close.

Your affec't brother


1 Date on letter and in Whitehern Calendar is 1902, but that is incorrect by context of letter. Calvin's Snow-Shoe fox hunt was in 1903 (W8108, W4810). Also Tom states that Mar. 7 is "next Saturday" and that conforms to the 1903 calendar. Calvin was likely planning to send a letter to his mother on the anniversary of his father's death. Tom remembered to do so regularly, for example, see W5440, 1906. See also example of Mary's reply to Tom, W-MCP2-4.037a, 1907.

2 Tom spent the summer as a lumberjack in 1903, 1904, and late in 1905(see W8164, W8166, W5410).

3 "Views" are photographs. David Ross proposes to ruby in 1906, but her finds him unsuitable and they do not marry for several reasons. (See W5622, W6135; for Ross family, see W4651, W5630)

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