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W8208 TO [REV.] CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his brother Thomas McQuesten
Apr 27 1908 Monday
To: Calvin McQuesten Glenhurst, Saskatchewan
From: Toronto, Ontario

My dear Cal,

Judging from your last letter this ought to reach you sometime near your birthday so first may you enjoy very many, very happy returns of it. It's a pity you can't live a little more easily than you do at present but it won't be long now before you get through for good. I am sorry not to be able to send something more substantial than good wishes but if you and Ruby insist on being born about the same time you being the man must suffer.

I was at home over Good Friday and Saturday and enjoyed it very much. The garden is looking beautiful and when there the mater and I made a bargain with the gardener to get a peach tree, a cherry, two blue spruces, two arbor vitae a weeping birch and a purple beech all for five dollars or at least as many of them as he could contrive. The gardener is a progressive Scotchman and he is getting wholesale and planting free, for his customers any trees or shrubs that they want.

Sid was up with me with me [sic] over Sunday and was very much taken with the place. Ruby I thought looked much better.

I read with much interest your letter describing your first meal in the shack. There are always compensations for a measure of discomfort when outside of civilization.

I hope by this time you have got some sort of a decent animal to ride on1 and that your household affairs are all in good order.

Things are going on here pretty much the same as usual, not quite so busy just now but will start up soon again. Little is just about in the throes of examination. This is the first spring I can remember that there are no examinations to write.

Little also wishes you many happy returns.

Well my dear boy take care of yourself and don't stint yourself.

Your aff'te brother

T.B. McQuesten

1 Calvin sold his horse, his "pony," "Nigger" in September 1907 before coming home, and he received several partial payments for same, see W7657. However, now in 1908, he also requires a horse for his missionary preaching.

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