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Barristers, &c.
Office, Victoria Chambers,
69 James St. South, Hamilton, Canada

Homesteaders from Western Canada (likely photographed by Rev. Calvin McQuesten)W8239 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his brother Thomas McQuesten
Aug 17 1911
To: Calvin McQuesten Staney Brae, Muskoka, Ontario

My dear Cal,

I meant to write you before to see if you needed money but it escaped my mind. So today had a letter from the Mother suggesting you would require $25.00 so am enclosing Bank Money Order to you for this amount. I am fairly flush just now. Got a small raise in salary and also the job of Registrar for the Dominion Lists at $10.00 a day for four days.

Well from all accounts you are going to have a bumper crop this year. I hope you do. Have you heard from Glendinning at all? Probably not. I think it would be advisable to pay a good deal on the note. I hope Glendinning does right by you. I suppose it will probably be pretty well on into the fall before you get your returns from the crop.1

The office here is being torn to pieces and it is most uncomfortable. I am getting a larger office, which I suppose will be a gratification to Mrs. McQ. She sniffed every time she came into the present office.

We have finally succeeded in getting the Unc.2 placed in a flat above the Dominion Bank at the corner of MacNab and King St. I think the old Gentleman is fairly comfortable but he won't admit it of course. Must close

Your aff'te brother

T. B. McQuesten

1 Calvin owned a homestead, farmland, near Glenhurst Saskatchewan. He built a "shack" on it and lived in it for a time. He set up an arrangement of share-cropping with Samuel C. Glendinning. Calvin was expecting a fairly good crop several times but was not successful in the end. In 1910 his crop was destroyed by hail (see W-MCP6-1.408, W-MCP6-1.410, W8944). It is not known whether Glendinning was cheating Calvin, but Thomas was suspicious of him, and Calvin writes in his diary in 1920 that he hopes that he will receive his "full share of this year's crop" and would like to have another Glendinning relative repay him the "$50 he had borrowed, as quickly as possible" (Box 14-040). (See W6505, W6517, W6540, W7752, W7808, W7811, W7815, W7820, W8217, W8708a, W8750, Box 12-283, W8944.) Also a search on "homestead" or "shack" will produce many more references to letters or photos.

2 The "Unc." is Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten, their father Isaac's half-brother.

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