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W8269 TO THOMAS BAKER MCQUESTEN from Mackay and Mackay, Land Surveyors.
May 6 1931
To: Mr. Thomas Baker McQuesten James Street South Hamilton Ontario
From: Mackay & Mackay 25 Hughson Street South Hamilton, Ontario

Mackay and Mackay
Ontario and Dominion Land Surveyors
Civil Engineers
Town Planning, Municipal Engineering
James J. Mackay & Earnest G. Mackay

Telephone Baker 2745
504 Imperial BLDG.
25 Hughson St. South
Hamilton. Ont.
May 6th, 1931

Mr. T. McQuesten
James Street South,
Hamilton, Ontario.
Re: McQuesten Property

Dear Sir:

We beg to enclose you herewith three copies of the plan we have prepared showing your property on Jackson and Hunter Streets which according to the description contained in your Deed consists of Lots 81, 82, 101 and 102 in Peter Hunter Hamilton's Survey.

We have shown in red lines the legal boundaries of the property and you will observe that the Westerly limits of Lots 82 and 101 are several inches West of the present fence lines.

The Lot boundaries have been fixed by dividing the block between McNab and Charles Streets in three equal parts giving the dimensions indicated on the plan. You will note that the frontage given your deed on both Jackson and Hunter Streets is Two Chains and Thirty Links or One Hundred and Fifty-one Feet and Nine Inches (151'9") and this corresponds fairly well with the actual measurement to the your [sic] Westerly fence of One Hundred and Fifty-two Feet and Two Inches (152'2") on Jackson Street and One Hundred and Fifty two Feet and Three-quarters of an Inch (152'3/4") on Hunter Street.

We have taken sufficient information to be able to reproduce the present positions of fences and we have indicated on the plan the location of a number of trees along the Southerly part of the property and a number of elevations we have taken so that the original condition of this part of the property can be reconstructed.

We trust that this gives you the information desired.

Yours Truly,
Mackay & Mackay
Per [blank]

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