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Hamilton, Ontario

Nov 6 1958
To: Mary and Hilda McQuesten Hamilton, Ontario

Miss Mary McQuesten
Miss Hilda McQuesten,

Dear Misses McQuesten:

This note is to express to you both sincere appreciation of your proposed gift of "Whitehern" to this City.1 I express this not only on behalf of all the citizens but also my own personal thanks for this magnificent and appropriate gesture.

In the last few days, I have had occasion to listen to many citizens expressing their delight that this lovely old home might be saved and you can be assured that this gift to the City would be greatly appreciated.

Since 1950, the question of a memorial to your late brother has been repeatedly brought to my attention. The naming of the Skyway Bridge, a cairn monument or plaque at the Rock Garden and other suggestions have been made.

In the last few years, I have often wondered if Whitehern, the occupants of which have played such an important part in the history of this City, could eventually be owned by the City and held as such a memorial. I cannot conceive of a finer way in which to honour your brother's memory and all he meant to this City than by setting aside his home and honouring his family.

Personally, I feel very happy about this. I had hoped this might happen and with this in mind spent a lot of time behind the scenes getting the Council to approve the expropriation of all that rather decayed property to the west. This property now all owned by the City will be cleared this winter.

I with all the citizens hope that you both with your brother will be spared many years yet of happy life in that lovely old home and that as the years go by, you will have the satisfaction of knowing that this home which has meant so much to this City and to your family will continue to be treated with the respect and honour it deserves.

Yours very sincerely,

L. D. Jackson


1 Originally, Calvin was the one who suggested that "Whitehern" be given to the city and Mary and Hilda were quite appalled by the idea. Gradually, and with the help of Professor Eric Arthur from University of Toronto, Calvin convinced his sisters that this was the best thing to do. See: For the documents related to Calvin's scheme to convince his sisters, and the Hamilton Parks Board's acquisition of "Whitehern," in chronological order, see:
Box 04-111, 1958/09/29
W8697a, 1958/10/06
W8701a, 1958/10/06
W8273, 1958/11/06
Box 04-012, 1958/11/06
Box 04-113, 1958/11/07
Box 05-002, 1959/02/01
Box 08-140, 1959/11/03
Box 09-233, 1959/11/04
Box 14-090, 1960/06/18
Box 04-113a, 1971/05/04

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