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Mar 30 1918

Garden Diary

March 30
Hot bed ready for seeds,
Think it would be better to have it ready earlier for sake of lettuce, radishes & salvias.
But ask how long that would last

March 30 Sowed
3 boxes of lettuce
2 boxes of radishes (16 day seeds)
1 box of parsley
1 box of cress

Two boxes of lettuce plenty, one would be loads for just transplanting.
Radishes all went to top. Enquire should they be transferred to cold frame sooner?

April 13 Sowed in hot-bed
1 Box Zinnias Mammoth Double Mixed
1/2 Box Zinnias Single Mixed
1/2 Box Zinnias Fireball
1/2 Box African Marigold Orange
1/2 Box African Marigold Mixed
1/2 Box French Marigold
1/2 Box Mrs. Inksetters Marigold

1 Box Stocks- Large flowered mixed Triumph crimson Bismarck white

1 box Calliopsis- Grandiflora
Dwarf Crimson

1/2 Box Centaurea

1/2 Box Astors- Large flowered 3269

April 27 (3) Sowed Vegetables:
Bruce's Viroflay Spinage
1 Row South of Gooseberries enough for 4 vials
Family didn't want more.

4 Rows Bruce's Regal Peas
1/2 lbs w'd [sic] be plenty for this- sow 5 in two days
Got 1/4 lbs C.P.R. peas for Oakville
Some time later sowed in Garden

Way ahead Lettuce
Long Brightest Radish (Bruce's) slow & working
Next year sow 16 Day Radish in North end of Garden, south is too shady.
South of Horse-radish sowed:-
2 Rows Beans- Bruce's Stringless green Pod (?)
2 Rows Dutch Sets
1 1/2 Rows Beets- Detroit Dark Red Early Turnips
2 1/2 Rows Carrots

Mar 27 Sowed in Hotbed
1 Box Parsley
1/2 Box Celery (Bruce's Hamilton Red)
1/2 Box Celery (Dreer's New Rose)
1 Box Salvia (Dreer's Splendius America)
Carter's Splendius Zurich- 40 seeds
Carter's Coccuiea- 200 seeds

Mar 31: 1 Box Radishes (Bruce's Nou Plus Ultra)
1 Box lettuce (1/2 Wayahead, 1/2 Nonpareil
1 Box Cress.
1 Pot Dreer's Cardinal Cucumber- 15 seeds

Apr 1: 18 degrees of Frost last night
2: 10 degrees of Frost last night
2: 1 Box- 4 colours [?]-Rhodanthe Niscus

Apr 3: Sowed 2 rows of Bruce's New Triumph Spinage south of Strawberries- ground frozen [?]

Apr 5: Sowed 4 rows of Bruce's Early Conqueror Peas around asparagus bed- 1/2 lb plenty for this.

April & May
Manure put on all front and on East & South of back On West & North peonies only manured

June 9 & 13 Took Peonies to Southam & Evel in pail

[Diagram explaining the position of certain plants in the garden].

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