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P.O. BOX 63
Chisholm Logie & McQuesten
Barristers &c.
James Chisholm W.A. Logie T.B. McQuesten
Office Victoria Chamber
69 James St. South
Hamilton, Canada

W8721 TO MRS. MARY BAKER MCQUESTEN from her son, Thomas Baker McQuesten
Jun 17 1910
To: Mary Baker McQuesten [Gravenhurst, Ontario]

My dear Mother,

Your letter came this morning. I am glad to hear that Ruby is recovering from her indigestion. I suppose they are bound to have this more or less intermittently, consistent feeding however may work wonders. I will send you some Saccharine if I remember with this letter. It may be just the thing required.

I have been getting along here very well. I get my breakfast and tea myself and my dinner at Lovering's. So far this has been most satisfactory. At present this appeals to me as being much more preferable to paying by the week at some boarding house. I went to Henry Cooke's for dinner one evening to try it and after making all due allowance for being a little late it was a most execrable meal. The same old boarding house resurrection pie. It almost put me to the bad. Lovering's stuff is better cooked than any place I have ever been at.

On Sunday I went to Mrs. Mullin's for dinner. Bob arrived in the morning. Last evening I went to the Ketchen's. Baby is just recovering from a very severe cold. She behaved like a little imp. It's hard to do any thing with her when she is sick. Tonight Miss Blanche MacKay asked me up there for tea. Tomorrow night the Colquhouns are having a Garden Party.

The yellow roses are out and everything in the garden looks well. We have had some fine warm days but today it looks as if we might have a drop of rain.

Mr. Chisholm is leaving this afternoon for Colorado to look over a mining proposition in which he is interested. I hope he doesn't lose his money but I don't think much of the venture and don't think he does either now. One gets drawn into these things and to save one's money, puts in more after it.

A man was in the office yesterday to buy the [Alexandra] Arcade. Chisholm says the man would jump at 50,000 but he Chisholm is strongly averse to selling, in which I agree. I don't know what the Uncle will think. The way Hamilton is going ahead that land ought to be worth $100,000. The [taxes?] now amount to 15,000.

It is good thing Cal left the Montreal Herald although I notice the editorial room escaped pretty well.

Must close. Love to all.

Your aff'te[sic] son

T.B. McQuesten

[P.S.] I am sending the saccharine under separate cover. It cost .25. I think you can also get it in powder.

1 For more on the Alexandra Arcade, see W1652.

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