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[Note on back of envelope:]
Mrs. Joe, fur cap, books, not preach, double windows, Hilda, Douglas, length of table, 2yds 1' 29.

W8725 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Dec 4 1915
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Buckingham, Quebec
From: 'Whitehern' Hamilton

My dearest Calvin,

Edna and I were very pleased to have photo of the Manse, altho' we ourselves are in dense darkness. It is a great relief to think of you being in Comfort and I am sure your health must be the better of it. Yesterday our M. B. [Mission Band] Sale came off and was most successful in spite of many fears. H. [Hilda] did $40 worth of work and Mrs. Ketchen did a great deal. Take way their contributions and little would have remained.

I am very busy just now, with our Presbyterial work. Did I tell you Mrs. Joe Thomson has gone with her parents to Vancouver? This leaves me to do the work, which would not be much if so many of our officers did not wish to resign. So I am trying to find people to take their place in preparation for a Exec. meeting on Wednesday.

Mrs. Joe herself declares she must resign Presidency as she has to look after her father and mother. It is extremely discouraging to find after all these years, fewer women in the Churches prepared for religious work, especially speaking, simply because they have never had the interest to post themselves on the needs and conditions of the fields.1 I was so exasperated to hear through Mrs. McBain's letter to Edna that the M. B. Sec. from Ottawa addressed your Band on Turkey, (where we have no Mission at all), whilst we have so much to tell of our own. I reported her to Mrs. Hay.

You must not buy a fur cap or gauntlets before you come home. You would laugh, if you heard Tom insisting on an immense Cap. Very strong against these miserable small things, which about skin you or take the hair off your head to get them on.

Did you ever have "The Great Commissioning" by J. Campbell Morgan or "All about the Bible" by Sidney Collett? Saw them at Mrs. Hay's but did not have time to read them. It is lovely that you are getting home so many days before Xmas. That is the best time.

We thought you would rather rest on the Sabbath, so have not let Mr. Ketchen know. Perhaps you would like to. Think the cold weather has come, must get on our double windows. Are yours clean ready to go on? It is well to have them ready for you may want them in a hurry. Hilda wants to know the length of the two small table cloths for the dining table, they were Uncle's. If you make a note of it you can tell us when you come. You'll be getting so excited about Xmas, you'll not be able to preach. Very Sorry for sake that Douglas Bothwell has come here. But some are making immense wages at munitions. I heard of one man making $6.50 a day. Must close. With much love from all.

Your loving Mother

M. B. McQuesten

[P.S.] Do not get that book of prize poems on Canada which the Globe is advertising, we have them here to sell for Women's Liberal Club.

1 This comment reflects the women's growing disinterest in the missionary auxiliary work. See note W6336, W5172n, W9180.

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