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W8740a TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from George Welsford
Aug 19 1915
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Buckingham, Quebec
From: Shorncliffe, Kent, England

Mr. Calvin McQuestion[sic]
Buckingham, Quebec
Dear Mr. McQuestion [sic]:-

I just come off Guard at 1:30 P.M. I was on for twenty four hours at the hospital. We were on two hours and off four, but those four hours we were off, would certainly pass quick. I would no sooner lie down than they would be after me to go and relieve the other sentry.

The German Zeppelines have been on our trail this last while back. They have droped [sic] bombs on Dover different times and it is only 11 eleven miles from Camp. A week ago Monday the Harbour at Dover was all blown up, on Thursday I went down to see it and it was awful wreck. They were bound for Folkeston [sic] harbour when our airships got after them and got one of them and the other two got away. Folkeston is just about a mile and a half way, so we are none to [sic] safe.

We are to have a inspection by His Majesty the King to-morrow, and then we wount [sic] be long of leaving this place. We got word that we were to leave to-morrow night, but it has gone around so often that I wount [sic] believe we are going till we are on the train for there is always so many rumors [sic] going around a camp, and the most of them are started up only as a joke.

I have met all the boys from home and you are always meeting some one new, last Sunday I met a fellow that was over a year and a half in the Bank of Ottawa in Buckingham. He wanted to know all about home and all the boys. I was out with Alex Emmett Tuesday night and met him to-day again. I think we will leave for the front before him. They are getting it awful hard to what we are. They are out on night marches and trenching about three times a week, while we only get it twice a week at the most. It was to [sic] bad they drafted the 38th for a lot of our friends stayed behind. But we expected to join them before long. But now since they have have [sic] gone to Bermuda, a lot of them will never meet again.

I find the best Friend I have is that little Bible you gave me before I left. I was awful sorry I could not attend Church the morning I left. But I would have missed my train if I had of. But I would have like to herd [sic] you preach once more before I had left. I carry the Bible with me all the time, and if I should happen to drop when I reach the front. It will drop with me.1

Well I guess by the time I get a letter from you, I will be in the firing line so just address it to this address and it will be forwarded. I will close for now.

I remain Yours Truly,
George Welsford
38th Batallion attached to 12th
No 3 Coy, St. Martins Plains
Shorncliffe, Kent, England

1 In the original, this paragraph has been outlined with a different pen, likely by Calvin himself.

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