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[Written at Top] Still direct letters to Grand Hotel, Trafalgar Square.




[Written on back of envelope] Queen's Hotel, July 31, Southsea, Victory, Winchester Cath., Salisbury Cath. Card of Stonehenge, Isle of Wight, Clipping of Fleet at Spithead

W8743 TO REV. CALVIN & MARY BALDWIN MCQUESTEN from their mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Aug 1 1924
To: Rev. Calvin and Mary Baldwin McQuesten Foote's Bay Muskoka, Ontario
From: Trafalgar Square

Dearest Mary,

Received your and Cal's letter of the 17th. Am afraid now your hard time begins, and only rest to compensate. Did I tell you of our visit to Isle of Wight after the Rectory day? Lovely trip by ferry over, so that we had a full view of Portsmouth harbour &c., a beautiful day, 40 miles by motor to Canisbrook Castle from Ryde (Osborne would not allow visitors that day) Newport, Shanklin, Cline perfectly lovely and the castle a marvel. Wed. Winchester the oldest Cathedral in England, cannot write all the wonders of it.

Next day (yesterday) Salisbury Cathedral, very beautiful in style with its splendid spire; then out to see the Druidical remains at Stonehenge, huge, very remarkable. A splendid drive thro' country & little villages with thatched roofs, hedges, roses. We intend going into Ilfracombe [sic] Devonshire to-morrow. I am standing the touring wonderfully well. Can sleep well and rest, at first could not eat for bread's very bad, but have got "Split Toast"; it is cut thin and very crisp and dry, so I do well, excellent meat & milk. We are getting lovely Cards, but they are dear, so I am keeping them till I get home except a few to E. and others at home, who do not get out. To-day was very [?], I am afraid but got a lorgnette, the glasses are cheaper here; and also black feather boa.

You and Mary would have quite a pleasant time. I hope by this time Cal and you have got to see Edna. I gather from doctor's report she was somehow upset by my going and I do not wonder, for she would have thought I would come up often in the summer, and it was unfortunate Mary T. was asked first week; so try and make it up to her, tho' I do not want to burden you, especially if weather is hot. It is never really warm here, but just pleasant for going about. It is a beautiful hotel and lovely grounds with flowers.

Do not enjoy the lunch and late dinner. Am not fond of cold meat in middle of day and the courses at dinner of made up dishes, we cannot eat. So we discovered the Grill in Connection has broiled chops or steak & omelette &c. just what we like to order and cheaper too so we are alright.

H. and I took this morning to go about the shops, which are quite dear and got our lunch at a shop. Tom went off by himself. I always forget to say that poor Mr. Washington fell on the Steamer and was obliged to go to a Nursing Home (I think) and was not able to go to anything. Heard he hoped to go to Garden Party at B. but do not know if he did, too bad. Not easy to get pen filled so use pencil when I can. Remember to send E. anything you may think of but this is not season for all candies. Can you get the kind done up in separate papers? She loves them. With much love.

Your Mother

M.B. McQuesten

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