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young calvin and people on steps(Rev. Calvin McQuesten is in the upper left)W8744 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from Mary E. MacLeod Moore
Dec 14 1911
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten 'Whitehern,' Hamilton, Ont. [Calvin upper left in photo]
From: 3, Iddesleigh Mansions, Caxton Street, London, S.W.

Rev. and dear Sir,

This must be a skimpy reply to your delightfully long and newsy letter, but Oh! I am rushed! The mail which will get things to me in time closes tonight and I have been tending to a sea of letters, cards and parcels. In addition have a couple of tons of work before I can go to bed. So please forgive me and I'll write more another time.

So you don't like my politics you socialist-person! I do enjoy doing these sudden letters. I am also doing some work on "Canada," published here. Also free cause work here and some for one Acton Pub. Co., Montreal and Toronto, which is only potboiler fashion, &c. I only work about one-third of the time and do voluntary work gratis and amuse myself the rest! Does that sound like me? My mother is very well and as young as ever. My brother and I follow her good example, at least in the first particular--modesty forbids mention of the second.

I was deeply distressed to hear that your favourite sister had "gone-from this room into her next."1 You often spoke of her. I was so pleased with all your news and feel as if we both had a good deal of experience since we last met. As to the melancholy matrimonial state of affairs may I remind you delicately that next year is Leap-Year? How I would like to be at the "Herald" desks and dinners! "There was good days!"

We have a very happy time and I do the things and meet the people we used to read about in papers and books and think so wonderful. London is a dream and I am more at home than I have ever been anywhere in my life, excellent thing a [snit?] less Canadian. I have been elected to the council of the Soc. of Women [?] with Beatrise [Hanaden?] et al, and I do a good bit of work at the Lyceum Club the largest professional women's Club in the world. I gad a good deal and altogether am contented. My mother is an ideal mother, and of course we are both [living?] with her.

Are you every coming over? It would be nice to have a talk about old days. With very best wishes for your health, happiness and prosperity.

Yours very sincerely,

M. E. MacLeod Moore2

[P.S.] My mother sends her very kindest regards, best wishes. She was very sorry to hear your sad news.

1 Ruby McQuesten died of tuberculosis on April 9, 1911. For more information on Ruby and links, see W6135.

2 For all references to Mary E. MacLeod Moore, see, W7962, W7411, W7564, W7588, W7611, W8744, W-MCP1-3b.019, and see Box 04-007 for a footnote on Mary E. MacLeod Moore. Mary E. MacLeod Moore was a fellow-journalist with Calvin at the Montreal Herald in 1902.

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