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W8805 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from a fellow-minister
May 28 1912
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Bracebridge, Ontario
From: 36 Palmerston Ave, Brantford, Ontario

Dear Calvin:

According to your words to me at parting I have struck "some thing pretty good"--that is good in prospects. Nothing but an increasing stupidity on my part with the cordial cooperation of His Royal Satanic Highness can prevent St. Andrews from substantial steady growth--now let me get my breath. I am looking forward to some good hard work and self development which is after all a holy ambition and not at all "the last infirmity of noble minds."

We are not settled yet though I began my work last Sunday. We get into our own home today and begin to unfold a [tool?] chest. Would borrow [if?] [?] that's if the [?] is broken--and I [?] [to?] the results may lead to any thing from divorce proceedings down.

I am following an ass here who has left things in a sad mess--every one cursing his neighbour "an eye for an eye" seems the prevailing [?]. But my call fortunately came [?] [?] and was practically unanimous and that should help me in pulling things together. I hope I can. If I cannot it will kill me. But I will not worry until I see more [cause?] than I see at present. It would make the curses at your disposal seem small and [mean?] if you could see the "boost" the papers here gave me on Monday. Some have "greatness thrust upon them" however I need all the boosting I can get here and as long as they do not use it all then boost now and save some for a year from now I will not care so much.

[Mrs G.?] and Douglas are real well and enjoying life in this country town.

Say! they did have an earthquake in Hamilton--about the only thing that ever happened in Hamilton I think except yourself. We remember your visit to [?] with grateful and sincere pleasure--you [?] [?]

[balance of letter missing]

[envelope--postmarked] May 29, 1912, Brantford] Rev. Calvin McQuesten B.A. Bracebridge, Ont.

1 Since some of the letter is missing, we do not know the name of the sender.

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