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[Note at top:] I telephoned at once to Bobby R about your folders, Shearer seems to know nothing about it, but is writing you & sending samples.Stupid I think. I never saw [? ].

W8817 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Apr 1 1912 Friday
To: Calvin McQuesten, 'The Manse' Bracebridge Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

Dearest Cal,

You ought to see the array of fine furniture that is nearly ready. All the things at Gentle's got finished last night at 11:45 owing to most strenuous endeavours. It was just pouring rain all yesterday and this morning too, so I got Hill the Mover to bring them down early. [Hockaday?] is a fine packer and we expect to get them down to the station to-morrow, hoping they will reach you by Thursday or rather Wednesday night. You see we had planned you should telephone us when they arrived, but if they do not reach you in time of course Hilda would not like to start. On one packing box you will notice written on the directions a crate opener, if you can borrow something to open it. Perhaps I can get it put in with your cot bed that is going up. You could cut the strings with your penknife, there is a splendid hammer and a lot of Uncle's tools going up. Got your letter to-day in time to run out and buy a small rug in green for bed-room, same kind as in our dining-room, ["ex"?] matting no odour1.

If your floors need washing get whatever woman you get to bring her own cloths or buy 1-1/2 yards of flanelette [sic], a pail & perhaps a scrubbing brush, the softest kind and not too large, she must not use the brush on your painted floors. Some soap too. I wonder if we could mark the names on, if you could get the men who take up the furniture to carry the heavy pieces into whatever room they are for, such as the desk, bureau, side-board and the bed-steads. I think the bed-stead you got at Burrows is the handsomest to go with the fine bureau. If I think of any thing else will write Mrs. [?]. Small table is really not a kitchen one, but we'll cover it with white oil-cloth.

Tom received your letter with cheque. Hilda is in [Toronto?] today. I have Chisholm here doing his best to get the paint off bath-room window, we want to put on the window pane, too2. I got your grape vine, it is lovely, but I got a [figured?] white for hall on account of the brown letters [sic]. I have just put it in the bureau drawer where the lace curtains are just at front in brown paper. Hope no one will grab it or they'll spoil it. Mary is greatly delighted with her [?] new garments and hats. The forks replated have just come home will get spoons & knives later before it goes. Perhaps after H. gets up, you can get your cot bed set up for her to sleep on and get your breakfasts & tea and go to hotel for dinner. H. I am sure you would like, she will know in which case are bed clothes. Next week I start on Tuesday to Lynden for a meeting then return to Copetown & stay with Miss Inksetter. Wednesday to West Flamboro and Thursday to Kirkwall, had an extremely nice letter from Mrs. [?] (some [?] wrote it) asking me to stay all night at the Manse. Hope to survive but my mind will be relieved when the furniture is got off to-morrow. Do not tire yourself by thinking too much.

With much love

Your mother

1 Several letters at this time describe plans and purchases to furnish Calvin's manse at Bracebridge. In her letter of April 8, 1912 Mary opens with:

I went down this morning to see about that brown carpet at Watkins. They had got another in like you saw and also some Brussel squares like you saw. I was so undecided that I telephoned Tom and we finally decided on the Brussel, it is a lovely brown, but the floor will need to be painted about 1 ft wide all round, the carpet is a rich golden brown. Then Tom saw a Moravian rug large enough for "living room" that is 9 x 12 for [$110.00?] and he was quite determined to have it. The centre is a beautiful [crimson?], so you must try and have the new paper a very colourless affair, for the rug is very bright, with [? ] effect. Is the paint yellow? (W8872)

2 Duncan Chisholm, handyman (W7064, W7074, W-MCP2-3b.040). Likely related to James Chisholm, Tom's law partner (W2520).

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