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W8872 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN, B.A. from his mother, Mary Baker McQuesten
Apr 8 1912 Monday
To: Calvin McQuesten 'The Manse' Bracebridge Ontario
From: 'Whitehern'

Dear Calvin,

I went down this morning to see about that brown carpet at [Watkins?]. They had got another in like you saw and also some Brussel squares like you saw. I was so undecided that I telephoned Tom and we finally decided on the Brussel, it is a lovely brown, but the floor will need to be painted about 1 ft. wide all round, the carpet is a rich golden brown. Then Tom saw a Moravian rug large enough for "living room" that is 9 x 12 for [$110.00?] and he was quite determined to have it. The centre is a beautiful [crimson?], so you must try and have the new paper a very colourless affair, for the rug is very bright, with [?] effect. Is the paint plain yellow? Is it not [grained?]? Hope you got on well yesterday. I was thinking of you all day. It was a dismal rainy morning after summer heat for two days, which laid us low. However on Good Friday Tom took Edna to the Dog Show, after which he went with Hilda and me up to the Cemetery and this morning I went down to [Furmis?] and arranged with him as to [?ptions]. Received the Bracebridge paper, sorry to see this morning that [?] Mills were going to Guelph.

Seems as if I had not written for a long time but am very busy; finished going over last set of Uncle's letters on Saturday night and wrote [Mr.?] Pratt and Mrs. Alice Young of Hopkinton; took down also last of pictures to Thomson's. Cannot get Marjorie, she had made other arrangements for summer. Expect Mrs. James & J. this afternoon so must run for a little rest. If you think best to put oil-cloth on bath-room you could measure and see what they charge for it up there, also the hall, upper hall might be painted, but you would see if it can do as it is for the present. Uncle's rug for dining room is 9 x 12 the alcove at bay window would need to be painted like round the [edge?] & parlour. With much love.

Your Mother

[M.B. McQuesten]

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