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W8936 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN From Georgia Mackenzie.
Jan 19 1912
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Whitehern Hamilton Ontario
From: Georgia Mackenzie 46 Geoffery St. Toronto Ont

M [Monogram]
46 Geoffrey St.

[Jan 19, 1912]
Dear Mr. McQuesten,1

You see, at last we have an address to write from, and I a few moments in which to write. Alice and I had a weary search for rooms that would suit us all, and finally we have located near enough from one school for Florence, near enough the cars for Alice, and near enough the Forbes for me, and economizing in our old maids hall has begun in earnest.

You will know that we shall not be without subjects for conversation and controversary [sic] when I tell you that "Polly" waits to join us. She calls it the "Sardine System" but it seems to appeal to her as much to be preferred to her present nice little room all to herself, in a nice little flat, with a nice little landlady who has nice little ideas about what is quite proper for nice girls to do. So I think when you call to see us you will find four hostesses to welcome you. We have only three rooms, and the sitting room is just about big enough to turn round in, but Polly says we have had good times together in the Bad house, and we can here.

Thank you for the Christmas card, and more for the thought that prompted the sending. Did you hear from our "Little Minister" at Xmas? I had a nice letter from him, also a card from Mr. Scott. The two of them were looking forward to a lovely holiday trip together. Those of our family who were at Staney Brae for Christmas, needless to say, had a jolly time. "Polly" and Orville Elliott were with theirs, and poor Mamma wrote that she had not one moment's peace and quietness until holidays were over. Alice came down to the city with Florence, and ever since she and I have been busy helping Florence with her shopping, and house hunting. I wonder if you wouldn't enjoy a bit of news that you must keep a dark and deadly secret until you hear it from another source. Perhaps you had your eyes open, and have already suspected that Florence was planning to desert the ranks of unappropriated blessings", I have not been given permission to tell any body in Toronto, not even Ethel yet, but are you not in Toronto, and being a man, perhaps you can keep a secret. Florence has set her heart on a double wedding at Staney Brae for next September. She and Alice have had it planned, down to the merest details, for years, but Alice says someone will have to produce the other's bridgegroom. Mr. [?] has agreed to do his best for her, but in the meantime preparations for one wedding are going on apace. In fact it is Florence's newly developed desire to economize that is mostly responsible for our present arrangements.

Did you know that Miss Coleman spent some time in Toronto at Christmas time? I did not see her, but Florence did. No doubt your "hated rival" had the pleasure of calling on her. And I wonder if you heard that Robert [?] and Alice Logan were to be married this winter. Perhaps I told you that before, for I was so proud of myself for having suspected them before anything else did.

I should have been delighted to see you if you had happened in at [?] during our visit there. Perhaps, as you suggested, it was not diplomacy on my part not to anticipate leap year. It is 1912 now, and we are going to Hamilton again before the winter is over. Mrs. Thompson, and Laura too, would I know help me out gladly, if I took them into my confidence regarding any leap year designs upon you, so if you're afraid, you'd better be out of town.

I have been struggling with a fountain pen that will not behave, and this is a dreadful scrawl, that I am sure will tax your patience to make out. I hope you will be able to join us in some of the Staney Brae club hilarities during the winter. I don't know much about the places, but I understand there is to be at least one big affair, about which you will hear in due time. Ethel Forbes is in Montreal just now. She went down with her aunts after they had spent Christmas here. We expect her home next week.

I gave your message to Louis and Florence, and they asked to be remembered to you. The children here are getting so big you wouldn't know them at all.

Alice is hurrying me, to get ready to go out. The others, if they were here, would I know send greetings. If you are in Toronto be sure and ring us up. The phone number is Parkdale 3028.
Very sincerely yours,
Georgia MacKenzie

Rev'd Calvin McQuesten
Hamilton, Ont.
Postmarked January 19, 1912

1 For more information on Rev. Calvin McQuesten go to Homepage and click on Family and then on Calvin's photo.

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