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Nov 1 1911
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Hamilton Ontario
From: Namao Alberta

The Manse
Namao Alta. Nov 1st/1911
My Dear Calvin, 1

I had hoped to hear a breeze from the land of lakes and ferns during the summer season but alas! The months sped away and nothing so good came this far inland to cheer those who had not even a decent drop to drink.

I suppose you think I have sunk into oblivion wholly. Well Calvin you are partly right. The summer has seen us close on the farm up here trying to keep down the weeds. They develop at a wonderful pace in this country. Yet we have visited the Metropolis a few times. Have wandered as far south as Leduc where I made my debut as presbytery preacher- it is a [?] job- have not got into the inside trail of things up here yet at all so far as Presbytery is concerned. Know however that the H.M. [??] could stand fixing up considerably. Spoke in Westminster Church to the [??] a week or so ago. Then on Friday of this week have an address in Westminster on The Importance of Missionary [??]: at 7:45 pm and in Strathcona on something else at 9:00 pm. Does not that remind you of [?] or some of those hustling chaps. The following weeks speak to the Provincial S.S. association and on the 17th at [?] 12 miles north of here. Gradually the way opens. Am trying to hold myself in readiness for what opportunities present themselves. Health and spirits greatly improved since spring. Had almost too much apologies and church history to survive the shock about Calvin. [??] been able to learn much. Met [?] on the car one day enquired [??] about the [?] when [?] left in October. He replied that he has a man by the name of Mason in sight for the winter. I think it would probably be best for a time Cal to give Edmonton Presby the job. Other paths will open temporarily. You will be here inside of 5 yrs, probably much less.

Now old chap how about yourself- health, prospects- and all the rest?

The weather here has been fine and cold lately. Skating first class on the lakes. We are both real well. Molly gets tired now and then. She also longs to see her grandfather, who is her only living relative. On the whole she is a brave girl. Could not get along now without her.

Last night we had a Hallowe'en party invitation a [??] fellow from the pulpit. Between 60 and [?] young folk tumbled pell mell into the manse. They seemed to have a good time.

Nov 13th

In a reason which can be best explained by my slothful habits these pages remain unposted yet but here goes when you write I will answer prompty and have some up-to-date news for you.

With kindest regards from Mrs M and all best wishes from me- self

Sincerely & Gratefully


Rev. Calvin McQuesten BA
Hamilton, Ontario

1 For more information on Rev. Calvin McQuesten, go to the Homepage, click on Family and then on Calvin's picture.

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