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W9024 TO DR. CALVIN BROOKS MCQUESTEN from his friend H. A. Handerson
Aug 16 1903
To: Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten [unknown] 1
From: 444 Dunham Avenue Cleveland, Ohio

My dear Mac,

I have been rather expecting to see you drop in upon me some time this month and am disappointed at your non appearance. Can't you come over into the "States" for a few days and make me a visit? You and I are both growing old and cannot expect to be in condition to travel much longer, and as I have a family to look after I think it is "up to you" to imagine the move at least.

Of course we are getting to be "back numbers" in medicine and must begin to look forward to a quiet place by the fireside for the last of our days. But I do not feel like anticipating evil and intend to keep in motion as long as I am able. Take some day when you are feeling pretty well, and try a trip to Cleveland for diversion. We shall all be glad to see you, and will do what we can to make it pleasant for you.

Your criticism of out knowledge of albuminia is very just, and I am quite ready to admit that I know far less about it now then I thought I did twenty years ago. You and a number of patients have taught me to be far less confident than I was as a younger man, and I know that the modern medical [works?] are much less dogmatic on the subject than those we relied upon as textbooks when we were students. Hal Pratt is a standing witness how easy it is to be mistaken in prognosis though I can not persuade myself that the poor boy will/can attain more than middle age. This was certainly as severe a case of acute nephritis as can fall into my hands.

We are all quite well here at home. Etta is engaged in library work and thus far is highly pleased with her occupation. The boys are, of course, enjoying their vacation Clarence will enter the High school in September, and Phil will also make his entrance into school life.

I am taking things as easy as possible though I suppose I shall be called upon to assume my [lecture?] work in September. However, I have been at this business so long now that it has become simple and easy. It at least keeps me in touch with the profession, and brushes off some of the rust resulting from disease.

Bass's "History of Medicine" is about sold out, and I am thinking some of a second edition though I sometimes doubt seriously whether I retain "sand" enough to essay so large an undertaking. I like work of a congenial kind, but am [waxing?] pretty old to essay new and extensive work. I enclose a half-tint to remind you of the looks of an old friend and associate. If you feel unable to come out here at least write me occasionally to let me know how you are and what you are doing.

Sincerely Yours,

H.E. Handerson

1 It is not known just where Dr. Calvin Brooks was at this time, however, he may have been living in Hamilton in retirement or recuperating from an illness. He would be 75 years of age at this time. He died in 1912.

Handerson was a fellow-student with Dr. Calvin Brooks McQuesten in medical school. For Handerson's other letters, see W1370, W1373, W1449, W1453, W1541, W9021, W9024, W9027, W1474,

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