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Cosy Cottage ? The Bard's name for our cottage 1

W9050 TO REV. CALVIN MCQUESTEN from his sister Hilda McQuesten
Dec 14 1910
To: Rev. Calvin McQuesten Edmonton, Alberta
From: Ruby's cottage on Mountain Brow Hamilton, Ontario

Dearest Calvinus

I certainly feel a very ungrateful, mean sort of a critter never to have written you all these months especially when you have been donating us such fine sums of cash.2 Ever clueless I have been very delighted with the cash and I assure you that you have risen nicely in Edna's estimation; in fact you are the really fine fellow now. [?] our mission band sale came off as usual, I made about twenty dollars worth of things besides helping to make about twenty five pounds of candy. We did well on the candy this year chalking over 18.00 alone. I just don't know what the total we made was as I had to have about five to look after Ruby. I had left Emily Colquhoun in charge but never like to stay away too long.

Bye the way, Emily C. has a devoted admirer at present, Dr. Patterson (Bert) the Culham's friend has to take a seat in the background as living with Tom these few months Edna has found him sadly wanting in many aspects. It seems sad!

Ruby and I were certainly very happy and cosy together, our one regret is that you will be away for Christmas, however we expect that some kind friend will stuff you well, be careful not to over eat and have fatal results.

Certainly you seem very wise in taking that position in Edmonton when you had the chance for it is great to try and see how one likes a church before definitely settling down but don't work too hard

Tom I'm afraid he is not wearing the willow very loud for Olive they are a fickle set!! Have been quite busy doing some work for the [women's exchange?] and have done very well. Mother and I were out a day or two ago and got various little presents for Ruby in the way of ornaments and things for her tray. When I got back I got her all excited by telling the number of presents but would give no hints concerning what?

I often think what a wonderfully cheerful kid she is, we do have such nice times together. Mother and Tom come up often and Edna [?] [?] is pretty well tied.

[Mr.?] Gartshore has just been in, he is looking really well was up on some Y.W.C.A business in connection with the lumber camps, he mentioned having seen Tom on a small committee.

Today is a terribly windy day. O, hope we won't be swepted over the mountains, however we are very snug inside.

I had a letter from Jean MacLaren. They have had two weddings. On the 23rd Nov. Alex MacLaren of Barrie was married to Miss Hawkins an orphan, niece of the Hawkins here who have a wine business. Jean says she is a lovely girl. Then on the last day of November, Leslie was married to a Miss Stewart however they said nothing about him so I'm afraid it means he does not suit them, I did not think Leslie had enough to marry on.

Mother went to Toronto yesterday to see Mrs. Bell and also to see Maggie White. I fancy [?] wanted a gossip with Maggie chiefly to hear all about the doings of the Mackays.

I have a very handsome lunch cloth I'm giving Mother, She has a set of missionary reports and I'm going this afternoon to get her some linen handkerchiefs. We are thinking of getting her a cheque to buy herself a little silk gown in the spring or something nice.

Ruby sends her love and I must go and settle her for the afternoon, must close.

With much love & many, many thanks for your generosity, Ruby has her ten dollars and is busy dividing it up properly,3 Give Laura my love and tell her that perhaps some day she may hear from me but that letters are rather hopeless.

Lovingly your old sister

Touse [Hilda]

1 "The Bard" is William Murray, a prominent Hamilton poet, see W5990. The cottage is the cottage on the mountain brow where Ruby was taken after being in the Calgary and the Gravenhurst sanatoria, and it is where she died. For more on Ruby and her illness, tuberculosis, see W6135, or see her biographical sketch by clicking on "Family" on the Home Page and then clicking on her picture.

2 Rev. Calvin has been unable to send much money to his family and finally now he is earning a regular stipend and is sending money to the family. At this time Ruby is gravely ill and she dies on April 9, 1911.

3 This is another example of Ruby's generosity.

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